Christmas gift?

I love, love ritu kumar.
Of course, I get updates from label Ritu Kumar and Ritu Kumar. To point out, every day, my eyes get stuck on a dress, top, saree or anything which I think is lovely,
There for, my eyes got stuck on this red maxi dress by Label Ritu Kumar. If, I did not have enough of dresses and would be in India now. I would have bought it.

However, now the situation is not like that. I am still in Sweden and have enough of dresses. Also, on the web shop the price is over the in store price in India. The internet price is in dollar and in the stores in rupees. Huge differences.

But, may be I can wish the for a Christmas gift. Lovely, perfect and beautiful dress.

What now?

I have got back internet, but now I have problems to do updates on the blog. The farest i can get is to choose what sort of post i would like to do. Then nothing more. This is really annoying, what can i do?

No internet

Today and tomorrow will we not have any internet.
Funniest part we didn’t have any hot water either, and hostel should provide hot water 24/7.
Awesome day!
Take care, let see what I will do now… Read a book maybe…

Bad internet

I am at my host family place in Pune. One of the reason is all my friends have left the hostel and a other one is it is soon Diwali. During Diwali you should be with family.
With the bad internet, I can not update any photos. All my updates will be through my phone and that internet is also very slow.
I will be able to upload photos when I am back in the hostel, probably.
Take care, small update will come.