I am back

Last evening was my first work shift after 3 months without work. What I felt, was I had forgot some part of the routines, but after some more shifts and I will be as good as before.


After the work I manage to take a fast stop at the gym to do cardio for 33 minutes. More or less to move my legs and create more hunger. The thing is, my shift got over at 22 and around that time my stomach start scream for food. To be able to eat with enjoyment, the best option is to work out and be even more hungry before eggs and warm milk.
One thing I most say, even after my diet in India, when I ate a lot of eggs every day at least 6 eggs. Still I love boiled eggs and can eat eggs every day without any problems. EGGS are awesome.

So, at 11 pm I was at the gym and worked out, and I know I am going to face the sleeping problems tomorrow. But, that is okay, I needed to work out, because it takes time to relax and calm down after a shift.

Mail from the summer job

I got a nice surprise today.
Not only I needed to collect a mail from India on my way home from college.
However, in my hall I found a letter from my summer job. In the letter we got a nice letter and a symbolic of money and a triss.
Also, I have decided to work some days during this summer holiday. Because I do like my job, good peer worker and bosses. Sometimes we have crazy much work and other days very relaxing and hard to kill the time.
On top of that, I am very glad for the job. My first summer job and not my last on either.


Oh Monday

Last weekend was my first day at my work.
Well, my work is to stand in a kitchen and make food and serve the food. Also, this Cafe is a summer cafe and if the weather is less great we get less customers. There for, my days was most about make some food, bake and clean.

I shall not complain because I have job.

Working women

Working women

Non skilled people are everywhere in India. Sometimes I asking myself, are they happy with the job they have?
Probably it is not fun at all to clean the roads with a broom. But, is it better then no job at all?
Or, are there some job which just not at all acceptable to do? I do not talk about prostitution (that is way out of question) I mean job which is legal. For example cleaning the street, maybe to be a farmer in India (very heavy and hard job).

In the end all jobs are needed, but with the right equipment the job can become easier to do. I can not say India has the right equipment for some of the jobs, because they have so much manpower to do the heavy jobs.