Preparing for next friday

Next Friday is midsummer and my friend and I are going to Skansen to celebrate midsummer. I have not celebrated midsummer for the last 4 years due to trips, work and so on. But, this year I have, my friend from Germany really want me to show her a typical midsummer in Sweden. So, the perfect place is Skansen.

For lunch we are going to have picnic at Skansen and I have bought juice from Smaka på Stockholm. The red one is with chili, cranberry and pomegranate. while the yellow one is made of chili, lime and ginger. My friend and I tough the juices tasted good and the juices burns a little bit to be more like the burning feeling from alcohol.
So let us hope this midsummer will have good weather!

Sugarcane jucie


may it be Sugarcane juice? This juice presser is all by hand, they have also many new with a motor on.
I have not tried sugarcane juice during this year. However I tried it for some years ago and I remember sugarcane is nothing for me.
Probably a good way for tourist to get sick too!

Do you want jucies?


It is possible to find this small seller of juices, or would this be called micro business?
In my case, I have never bought anything from this sort of place. The reason is I doubt it is hygienic.
Pretty stupid to take the risk and might get sick.
So, better to carry a water battle or go to a proper juice bar.

a fresh limon juice

a fresh limon juice

A fresh lime juice is never wrong in this heat. The fresh lime juice is for only 8 rupees which is less then 1 swedish crown.
Special when you can buy it in the college garage next the mess.
As normal the Indians how are driving 2-wheere are driving normally way too fast in the garage and horn on the walker.

Orange and pineapple juices

Orange and pineapple juices

Today, has been pretty much a heavy day.
Not because of many classes, more to too less classes and tension.
I had second test in cross cultural management (open book test). More or less I have been study.
For sure I have no idea how to handle all the papers laying on my desk, bed, floor. books any notes and copies…

Juice, jucie and jucie

Juice, jucie and jucie

I can only say this heat Is too much, but which is nothing compared to Indian summer.
Water does help but sometimes you just feel I need something little sweet too. So, why not fresh tasty pineapple juice? This sort of good juices can not be found in Sweden. Not at all. During my time in India is the best opportunity to drink allot of fresh juice.
A juice in the heat with good company, life is just too good sometimes.