The weekends plan are fixed

Wow, I can not believe it. The information I got is too good to be true. Just too good.
First of all, I got the highest mark in Financial strategies. I got V, which removed a stone from my stomach. So, one more exam result is remaining.
However, may be the very best part is about the upcoming event in Kungsträdgården at 23th of May. The event starts at 9 am with Yoga and during the day with a lot of different events. In the evening there will be 3 fashion shows with Indian designers. Guess who will participate in the fashion show? Me. I will be there in shows! I can not really understand it.
Also, on top of that, I am going to meet the first designer tomorrow evening.
I hope you can come and see all the activities.

CC Ulf Bodin Flickr

Photo is from indiaunlimited

Who am I?

Just a student who want to move from Sweden after BBA. Many people might think, she want to move to US and work and then live in US forever. Just like many other young adults. But, if you have follow my blog since I started you might have seen US-dream is nothing for me. No, I have other dreams. I fell in love with a country which is totally opposite with Sweden. That country is my home too. India.

Well enough about India, I think I can make anyone tired with my talk about India. Therefore, I can drop this information about an upcoming event in Stockholm. The Ambassador of India has requested me to be a part in the fashion show in Kungsträdgården during 23rd of May. Of course I could not say no. Back in India I did a fashion shoot for last year students in Symbiosis but back then I had the time to spend 2 hours in the gym. Sadness part is I do not have the time in Sweden anymore.

So, I request you to come to Kungsträdgården at 23rd of May! It will be a lot of good activities with yoga, dance, food and much more. Of course a fashion show!
So who am I? Just a young women trying to make my own way in life. Trying to follow my own dreams.

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A pull pork burger


When I was at Smaka på Stockholm a family member ordered A pull port burger from one of the trunks. Well, I have not understood what is the big deal with pull pork.
One of the reason can due to I missed the whole pull pork hit in Sweden.
Do not you think the burger taste good? I did not try, due to it is pork.

Well, the burger are little smaller then from the restaurant but, hey, then it is possible to eat more.

Smaka på Stockholm


Yesterday when I went to the stores and on my walk I passed Kungsträdgården.
What was a surprise was the fest in Kungsträdgråden. The fest calls smaka på Stockholm. I have some memories from smaka på stockholm and I what I can remember is I have enjoyed much with family.
Smaka på Stockholm started on 4th to 8th of June.