There are some must

IMG_6972Before Christmas I have some must to do. Most of the things are traditions since childhood. For example:

  1. Visit NK Christmas windows more then one time.
  2. Get a chocolate calender
  3. watch at least an episode of this year Christmas calender for kids on TV. The best year Christmas Calender is Slottet på Greveholm!
  4. Eat Christmas food buffet
  5. Bake saffron buns
  6. Listen way too much of Christmas carols

Before I would also say spend Christmas with family up in the north, but it is not possible for this year either. Therefor it is not really a most anymore.
However, I love the north especilly on Christmsa eve during the day. To be at the ski center 5 minutes before the open the downhills. During the whole day skiing and having food from home with us and at 2 pm leaving the ski center due to at 3 pm watching TV Donald Duck and his friends celebrating Christmas.
After Donald Duck paying some card games and having Christmas food buffet and just relaxing with the family. Finally, at 6-8 pm we exchanging the gifts and watching TV.
Of course the evening ends early because the next day at 5 minutes to 9 we are there again in the ski center.
Lovely time with my family. On the other side, nowadays I am creating new tradition to be away from my birth family and instead celebrating with my friends and Indian families.