I did not forget this morning

Yes, today while applying makup I thought to myself, I should not forget mascara, I should not forget mascara.
Sometimes, I need to remember things in my mind so I do not forget. Also while having breakfast I thought I have to prepare my lunch box, the lunch box and wola, I got the lunchbox too with dal.


Anyways, I have recently started to use Body shops mascara. What is good with the mascara is length, the eyelashes are darker and longer. But, the major but is the mascar is not waterprof. Which mean, if it rains or by  tears the mascara is gone from my eyelashes and is instead on cheeks which is not that beautiful look.

So, next time I have to buy a mascara I won’t buy it from body shop, but this was a Christmas gift from last year Advent calender.

what a morning

good morning! I wish you had much better morning than me. Because I manage to apply makeup, everything beside mascara! How is it possible? I got lipstick with me but forgot mascara. Right now I am feeling a bit stupid. Anyways have this happens to you too? _MG_9196

One of the best lipsticks

One of my favourite brand in makeup is Estee Lauder.


Most of my make up is from Estee Lauder anything from eyliner, lipstick and much more. What I like with this brand is I do not get any reaction also the make up last for long time. When I started to use make up my mom gave me mascara and eyshadow from Etee Lauder. So, I have been grown up with this brand (brand loyalty).  Also, this is the brand which I can find most at home. Normally, I do not buy this brand, however I really love Estee Lauder.

This lipstick works very well for every day when ever I want to have more eye amkeup and less on the lips. Too much eye make up and too much on the lips can create inbalance.
The lipstick is soft but still not too soft so it break.

Red can never be wrong

I get this periods of using something almos every day, which I normally don’t. This time after the halloween party with the black nail polish. I realized nail polish is really nice to have, it add some color. So, last night I was searching in my box with nail polishes (I have got a lot of that too)… And found different shades of red, everything frommore orange red to dark dark almost brown red and blood red. Becasue of the dark season, fall/winter. I decided the best color is not too brigt


I use this Sally Hansen and the color is very nice, but I do not know how good the queality is or where I got it from. Anyways, who cares as long as the color stay for sometime, which it has.

Easy to see a girl is getting ready


Before the party just like any other girl, I needed to get ready with a shower, dress up, pack my bag with indoor heels and so on. However, I am facing a bit of a problem with where to stay while to applying my makeup. I do not have table for my makeup also there is a issue. Therefor when i am applying makeup I next to my window standing or sitting on the flooer. This time In the end I was sitting on the floor with a limited amount of my makeup around me while the rest was next to the window.
I used black, dark brown eyeshadow and other, also super red lipstick. The very last of my eyeliner before it went in to the basket and also I needed to throw 2 mascaras becasue they were empty! Thank God I had some extra mascaras at home, that is why girls need a lot of extra mascars eyeliner and so on, so both eyes can get mascars or eyeliner.
Best to say, I did NOT leave my flat in this condition, More right, the mess was gone and some makeup was with me just in case the makeup needed to fill in and so on.

Welcome to my home

For almost a year ago the frensh brand Sephora opened the first store in Stockholm. May be I should be embarest that yesterday was the first time for me to  be in the store. I have never been in the store earlier. The reason is, I haven’t had the need to buy makeup. I have too much of makeup beside I do not have eyliner with natural color. I thought for the upcoming halloween party I am planing to use a lot of eyemake up therefore I needed this two new eyeliner.
The eyeliners are Sephora brand which I have never used before (Normally the brands I use for eyeliner is Estee lauder and clinique), so this will be intresting to see how the queality is. One thing is for sure, the pencil is very soft which can be good because I am going to apply the liner on the sensative part of the eye.


Some of the products are good and other less

One thing I am good on, well I think almost every women who use make up are good on this. And that is, to remove the makeup every evening. Well, all at lest you need good products for that.
I would say cliniqui has good product to remove the makeup. My favourite is the cream cleanser because my face feels like baby skin afterwords! On top of that, the cleanser remove very effective the make up. While on the other side, Lancome for sensitive eyes is less great. I do not know why really. But there is something I do not really like with it. Sometimes, how much I try to remove my mascara with Lancome. The next day I have a black shadow under my eyelashes. Therefore when Lancome is finally over I have to get a new eye makeup remover.

Can you recommend any good eye makeup remover?



Is it really that cold so a baby need a orange hat?
When i passed this ladies I saw the little baby had eyeliner around the eyes and one mark on each cheek. Why? I though the eyeliner was only for older people.
Properly it start to get cold in India, seen more kids with a sweater or a hat on during the mornings and evening. How will the winter be then? If they think already now is cold