My heels my love

Thank you all for a lovely Diwali!
Anyway, this post is about my high heels. This was the second time for me to use this heels, I can not relly say this has been my best heels. The reason is, the heels are too high and not very comfortable. On the other side, the heels are so so beautiful and I truly love them. The shoes are from Phoneix mall at Tresmode, I think I got the shose in 2012 during my summer break.

Stupid sign in SGS mall


I remember this time very well. My friends and I went to Camp to spend some time in SGS mall. What do we meet when we step in side the mall? yes, this big bander “girls love six packs”. You can understand what a big surprise and shock we got. In india where it is impossible to speak about it, movie are being censure. And just infront of us is this all about the big sensative topic with a bad joke. Anyway, as a tourist we took our cameras because when will we see a sign like this again?

I can say like this, I have never seen a sign for durex in India every since our vist at SGS mall. The sign must have happen by mistake, or bad bit anything. But this was not a normal sign in India or any other country.

There are some must

IMG_6972Before Christmas I have some must to do. Most of the things are traditions since childhood. For example:

  1. Visit NK Christmas windows more then one time.
  2. Get a chocolate calender
  3. watch at least an episode of this year Christmas calender for kids on TV. The best year Christmas Calender is Slottet på Greveholm!
  4. Eat Christmas food buffet
  5. Bake saffron buns
  6. Listen way too much of Christmas carols

Before I would also say spend Christmas with family up in the north, but it is not possible for this year either. Therefor it is not really a most anymore.
However, I love the north especilly on Christmsa eve during the day. To be at the ski center 5 minutes before the open the downhills. During the whole day skiing and having food from home with us and at 2 pm leaving the ski center due to at 3 pm watching TV Donald Duck and his friends celebrating Christmas.
After Donald Duck paying some card games and having Christmas food buffet and just relaxing with the family. Finally, at 6-8 pm we exchanging the gifts and watching TV.
Of course the evening ends early because the next day at 5 minutes to 9 we are there again in the ski center.
Lovely time with my family. On the other side, nowadays I am creating new tradition to be away from my birth family and instead celebrating with my friends and Indian families.

Samosa is on my list

Well, during the visit in India I have some things I have to do.
Mostly it is to eat different dishes, but also meet my friends and much much more.

Street food: Samosa, pani puri, SPTP and momos.
Visits: my friends, college, families, phoneix mall, older part of Pune and might visit Mumbai. Also, go out at least once with friends.
Shopping: books, sneakers and spices.

Right now it looks like I have to stay one-3 nights at different places, just to be able to meet everyone. There for 2 weeks are not enough anymore. The time table is very tight.


Also, I know I have to bring medicine because, I will get sick. Not only because of the street food, but also due to oil, spices, water and so on. During all my visits in India 3 times and for around 2 years, my stomach has been all stages from peaceful to totally mess.
I just say bring it on, nothing can stop me to enjoy food. NOTHING.

Christmas windows

Every year NK decorate the best Christmas windows in Sweden. There is no other stores to compare with.
Also, NK attrackts allot of people in all ages, young boys and girls, teenagers, grownups and real old people. Everyone goes to NK and see what sort of decoration they have made this time.
Thought to bring my camera with me, but was too lazy. There for the photos are not that good. But, to point out, this is very much Christmas when NK open up the Christmas windows and it is a sign Christmas is around the corner.
Also, as a tourist during Christmas time in Sweden, should go and have a look on NKs’ christmas windows.

Late night

Before work I wrote a grocery shopping list, because my refrigerator is pretty empty. As you might now, my shift extended last evening. There for, I could not go to any food store yesterday evening. The reason is very simple, no food store is open after 11 pm.
There for, after my shift, there was only one thing to do, walk home without any food. However, hopefully the stores have good offers for this week too.

NK has finally decorated with the Christmas lights. The Christmas windows have the grand opening at 16th of November.

Right now, I am very tired, 5 hours sleep is not enough.

Simple but I love it


Yes this brand is my favorite brand or more right the designer is my favourite one.
I love label ritu kumar and ritu kumar clothes.
In my opinion Label Ritu Kumar is more for younger women and also less expensive. While on the other hand Ritu Kumar is more expensive, higher quality fabric and may be little more harder to wear for a daily business.

But the outfit on the picture, is perfect for college and to go out in. Loving it! But, I do not need the top or the bag…. I can already now say, when I am in India I have to visit Ritu Kumar store. HAVE to.