Last weekened

Last Sunday I met up my dad and we took a long walk around Södermalm for 3 hours. But the weather could not been any better. The sun was shiny and was not burning on the skin but get you warm from the winds. Also, everyone thought the same with perfect weekend spring weather.
However, we came to Hornstull strandväg. The road is only for walkers next to the water and has hipster restaurants.

Well, when we came to Horsntull we met a long market with things from old toy cars to new shoes and a long lane with food trucks! Yes, food trucks. If we had not made plans to eat at home, we most likely would have order some food from the food trucks. There were people everywhere and things to look on.

The thing is I do not know how often this market is happening, but it was a nice surprise. Hopefully I get time to go there again and at that time order something from the food trucks.


I know the photo is not at all good. But at least you can an idea.

Gamla Stans market



So Gamla stans Christmas market might be on of Stockholms oldest markets.
I can not say I find any interesting or good thing to eat or give away. But the point for the visit at the market is the feeling atmosphere. With all the small cottages, old buildings around with Christmas starts in the windows and all the cafes. Especially Frälsningsarmens cafe at Stortorget. Frälsningsarmen is a organizationen helping the people in need, homeless, poor and so on. There for there is never wrong to take a cup of coffee at Frälsningsarmens’ cafe.
Back to the market, perfect feeling would have been with some snow on the ground and big heavy snowflakes falling from the sky. Well, that is something to wish for, for Christmas eve.

But Gamla stans market is lovely and it is possible to drink Glögg, Mulled wine, find cheese from the north, mustered, jam and much of sweets/candies.

A christmas market in the city

So, there are many small Christmas markets around Stockholm, one of them is the market at Kungsträdgråden. The market in Kungsträdgården is small and has nothings really special, beside it is next to the ice skating area and in the heart of Stockholm.

The most traditional and famous Christmas market at Skansen. I have never been there, but I know Skansen market has is popular.

My next Christmas market visit has to be the market at Gamla stan. Just to get a pinch of Christmas feeling.

Street decoration

At 11 pm and on Monday night before the salary arrives. There are no people on the street and totally opposite on Friday and Saturday upcoming evening. Also, the decorations have increased since last years, if I remember right.
Probably, I have to go out in the evening and look around. The other thing is, the market in the old town has opened. Love the market, it very cute and is an old traditional market.


Dance as long you can

If I am guessing right, you all know that I am dancing belly dance very Wednesday (today).
Also, in December we all students having a dance show. I have decided to preform, I have to face my fear of preforming and dancing at the same time.
So our shows are at the 9th and 10th of December in the evenings. The ticket price is 160 at the door.

That was not what I planned to write about, no, I thought to write about the flea market at the dance school. So, on the 15th of November the dance school organizing a flea market for dance clothes and so on. the door is opening at 1 pm to 5 pm at Layali, Dalagatan.

I am planing to go and see if I can find a belly dance belt. I have not bought one yet…

Also, during the next semester I am going to dance belly dance. There for I should get a belt!

Only a night is felt

Tomorrow is my final exam in Marketing. I want to complete the exam now and start with the new subject right away. Finance.
Hopefully finance is an interesting subject and useful in the international market.

However, today has been a very unproductive day. I do not know where the time went. A little bit of studies, walk and allot of big bang theory. Earlier in India for example I did not understand Big bang theory, but the show is good.

So, at 3-7 pm is exams time and bring it on! WP_000914

Without love to Delhi

Without love to Delhi

This photo was taken in Chandni Chowk Delhi
It was an experience to go there and see the local market, or more right a big local market.
On the photo is a store selling the dot Indian women wear between the eyebrows. Sorry, but I have totally forgot the name on it.

Chandni Chowk is an experience and near to the market is a very hold mosque. But the walk on the roads towards the mosque were horrible. There for I would say, never ever go alone in Chandni Chowk, especially foreign women. If you want to have everything with you from that area with your skin.