stew or soup who knows?

So, for some weeks ago I had this amazing meat soup with my grandsparents and could not stop thinking about the dish. Therefore, I decided to cook the dish today, while I needed to do huge grocery shopping.
I really liked the soup, however due to the hugh amount of meat, I could not follow the recipe to 100 %.

I used:

1 kg meat,
5-10 new potatoes 2 carrots
2 onions
2 red pepper

cut everything in small pices. Put the greens and the meat in the pan and fry. When everything are fried add the tomatoes, stocks and everything else. Let it boild for some time and then it is tasty and read to eat.


reindeer heart and elk nose

A restaurant located at nowhere in the mounting area have got white wine diploma for three years in road. The restaurant is using local products and is very famous for the food. Normally, the customers need to call in advance to book a table and the dishes. This restaurant can take up to around 24 people and very calm, relaxing and fresh in Glen which is in a Sami area. The nature is incredible and breathe taking, in my opinion.

Well, we all had a great meal at the restaurant and I must say the dish I ordered was the weirdest dish I have ever tried before, but also very tasty.
The dish was made of reindeer heart and on the very top the dish had elk nose. Yes, elk nose meat, I have never tried that meat before. The meat was nothing which I thought, in my mind I thought the nose meat would be hard and not that juicy but I could not have been more wrong. The meat, was rich in flavor, soft and juicy, may be the best part of the whole elk!

Smoked meat

So, yesterday evening I visted my parents house. Not only for the really tasty dinner which my mom and made. No, a reason was becuase I got new pants, some help with the math and on top of that it is always nice too meet my parents. As always, the evening turn out to be a bit late.

But, the dinner with smoked reindeer meat and potato salad was amaizing. The meat, has no word to discribe how rich in flavours it had. As a student, I would never pay over 600 kr per KG for meat. No, no and no, it will never happen as long as I am a student.


Last dinner


Yesterday was a great evening. I made reindeer with fresh potatoes.

The reindeer, is made with:
Onion 1
Garlic 1
Mushrooms 8
Reindeer one bag
Cream Fresh with different mushrooms as flavor
juniper berries crushed 5-10
A stock from wild meat
Salt and pepper
First onion with the garlic till they get golden color. Then add the mushrooms and the juniper berries, after some minutes add the reindeer. With till the reindeer is cooked throw to add cream fresh and stock.


Sunday luxury

Well, I do not think I can express my feelings about how badly I want the thesis to be over. Really, it is so tyring, especielly when I know I am doing mistakes in the text but I can not see where the mistakes are. However, my friend and I sat in college for the whole day and my dad came to pick me up. Not bad, na. To skip the busses, metro and so on.
At home, my dad had made this lovely meat. First he had fride the meat and then in the oven. The meat tasted amazing. Really good. Also, on top of that, the meat was not from a typical food store. Instead the meat came from the north of Sweden, Klövsjö. We bought it from Kullensgårds mejeri, which means the meat was even better.


The upper photo is on the gravy and photo under is on the meat. I wish I had a oven at my place. My dad tried to make the dish in the same way as how meat was made in the 1950 and so. Well, I think he made it really good! I have not had this great food for a week or more.


Wired food never ending


This was a wired food. Well yes, it is good to try new food. But, this, this way it is sometimes bad to try new food. This plate of food is from the American snacks corner. On the photo you can see baguette, with meat under the pommes frites in barbeque sauce. Was the food good? What I heard was the dish was not that great. It was okay, but not that special. Mostly unhealthy and nothing for people who want to be fit. Well, better to try then miss the cold corn of good dishes.

Homemade easy snacks

Today I went to my parents house to cook dinner for me and my dad. Also, I used the opportunity to cook pierogis in the oven. Pierogis are perfect for snacks or dinner.
The pierogis are made by wheat floor, oil, eggs and milk. the filling is made of onions, pepper, corn and something more. Pierogis are easy to make and fast.The dish exist in many cultures but with different preparation and cooking way. The dough recipes is from

So, let see what I think about my pierogis for tomorrow’s dinner. My pierogis turn out to be little bit too dry, I think the dough needed more oil…

meat loaf for a week?

So, IMG_6518
Well, with 5,5 kg of meat, I made 7 meat loafs.
Finally, I made some sort of meat loaf (so proved of myself).
Like the preparation with the vegetables took the longest time and to mix it with the meat. But when the meat was in the oven, I could do something else.

So, during the perpetration Ratatouille played on my laptop, just to have some to look and listen to then to my own thoughts. I get enough of time with my thoughts by living alone.

Back to the meat loaf, I forgot a thing. My freezer is not big enough for all meat loaf….
The vegetables in the meat loaf is, carrots, onions, mushrooms and olives. The spices was mostly just black pepper, salt and some spices form Canada. This time I did not want to add Indians spices, because I wanted to feel the taste of the meat! Yummy, Yummy!

Tomorrows’ plan

Well, due to the political situation with Russia, we in Sweden has got allot of extra meat. One of the reasons is because the trade blocks. There for, we have finally got sort of cheaper meat.
Might be time to buy up all of meat on freeze it.

However, I have bought meat and thought what can I do with it. But, I have wanted to meat loaf for a period of time and tomorrow is the big day for meat loaf!
The problem is my flat does not have an oven. There for I have to travel to my parents house and cook.

Then the next problem is, which recipe am I suppose to follow? Well, in the end, I will try to follow somewhat and then remove some indigents which I do not have and add some others. IMG_6512

(meat loaf with olives, sounds and look too good)

The book I have looked up is.


What is it I have made?


Wow, I can not believe how good this turn out to be. Much better then I thought. What I have made is something I do not really know. However, tasty.
My food boxes started to be finished there for I started to cook.
However, I do not know how to carry this with me to college at least I have already made food.

I made this with vegetable stock, carrots, potatoes, onions and prime ribs from cow.
Pretty easy to make and I will make this again.