Brand personality

Yesterday evening was delecated to Rotaract. This team is always lovely to meet. Anyways, yesterday was something extra. The speaker spoke about brand personlity, how to create and what to think about to brand yourself.  The topic is very important for everyone in the academics and in work life. People communicate 24/7, even when we do not want.
Anyway, the lady requested us to figure out what I am good on what is my vission, mission and so on. What is my story so people will remember me. Also, may be the most important what will the other say about me when I am not in the room.

Really, this is so important to think about, becasue the most important is to be consistent with my statements, view and acting to be TRUE. So, if I do not know who I am, how can I than be consistent and true toward myself and other?


The dinner, meatloaf with lingon berries and potatoes. After a week with veg. food this was too good. Little sad the meatloaf was so less.

Curry pizza

Yesterday evening was really nice, after 2 months without work I was back at the office and meet this amazing people once again. I must say my coworkers are the best, we work like a team. Anyway, yesterday was stuff meeting so at the meeting we got pizza for dinner. For the first time I tried curry pizza. The pizza had a intresting taste, curry, chicken and banana, a bit too sweet for my taste.

however, today is a new day with a lot of activites such as studies till 11 than lunch, college 1-4 pm, meeting up a friend at the station. From 6-8:30 is Rotaract meeting after the meeting is of course gym time for 40 minutes and the final stop is the bed. So, I won’t have time to do updats today.


My wired soup, I did not really have time to make think what I was making for lunch, instead I put everything in my cooker. At least my lunch was healthy!

Never ending fight

For two days ago I had my second meeting with the speech therapist. At this meeting she gave me the document about my dyslexia with the results from the tests and what sort of help she recommends.
Well, the thing is, I have known as long I can remember about my dyslexia. The reason is, during the ago when babies/kids start to talk, I was still quiet and therefore late with it. At that moment they had me tested and the result was dyslexia. So from the early years in kinder garden to the last year in high school I have had weekly meetings with speech therapists and special teachers. Some of them never tought I would manage high school and specially university, but here I am at a university and also soon done with my bba (hopefully).
As you can hear, I am aware of my dyslexia, but, the thing is too see and read the results is hard. Too read about the problem after an other problem make it feels like a list which never ends. The document is providing slaps in the face, which does not end as long as I am reading the document. Then after reading the document my mind is starting to thing why can I break the reading cod? Why can I read faster or why do I have mix up words?
On the other side, think if I did not read on my spare time, how bad my result would have been then!

Right now I wish I had an answer on how to break the reading cod. But, I do not know how.
In the end, dyslexia is a part of me, and it will never go away. Might say, it is a endless fight and if I give up, dyslexia has won over me.


One thing is for sure, dyslexia is not stopping me to live anywhere I want!

I can not believe it

So the meeting went really good. Aunty wanted to discuss about the upcoming namaste Stockholm and had a request for me to be a part of a evening program. Of course I want, I would never turn anything down for her.
Therefore, the 23rd and 25th of May, I will be busy and have a lot of fun. It is going to be a surprise.

Also, on the 14th of April aunty has invited me to go to a per-view of Mary Kom, a bollywood movie of a Indian boxing women. The movie is suppose to be good. I am looking forward to watch the movie.

As you can hear, a really good day!

Meeting with India’s ambassador

Good morning!
I have had a great start today, one of the reasons is at 6:30 am I sat in front of my computer and surface and wrote down stock prices on some companies. Therefore my feeling for today is going to be great with a lot of work being done.

The main point for today is my meeting with India’s ambassador. The meeting starts at 11 am. Right now I do not really know what the meeting is about, but most likely it is something about the upcoming events in May with India culture. However, I will soon know what aunty has in mind. Wish me all the best!

India’s ambassador, Mrs. Bose Harrison, an incredible women who is a inspiration for me.

Meeting and not so fun one

Today, I am going to speech therapist to do some new updated tests about my dyslexia. My dyslexia has been with me since my childhood and got help with it thank God! Because think how hard school might be for kids without knowledge they have dyslexia.

Well, well, so this time at the speech therapist is going to provide some tests such as read, explain what I have read/listen and fill in the gap much more. The meeting is around 3-4 hours and not that fun. On the other side, it is necessary to update my document for future language test.

Logopedbyrån pic from logopedbyrån

Rotaract meeting

Today evening was delegated to Rotaract. We met at a hotel in the city and had a nice meal.
Afterwards the meal we had brainstorming about upcoming found razing for Ukraine. We are in the beginning of the plan and most likely in May. The found razing, to donate packed of food items and hygiene products. Much more.

this is not fun

Today has been a hectic day.
First of all college at 8 after that study. But at 1 was a really important meeting in the northern part of Stockholm. There for let see how the meeting went in the end of November.
However after the meeting I became really sick. I have from 4 been laying on the sofa and tried to study. Well, at least I have completed a next about leadership and sex. Also I’m very glad to have kitchen paper next to me.
Right now I am worried if I can work on Friday or not. Because if I m this sick on Thursday night/friday I can’t work at all…

Time to go to a meeting

The whole morning from 6:30 to 11:30 has been delegated to my studies. With an hour break was to get dressed and so on.

However, now I have to pack my backpack with some literature and go to college. The reason for my visit in college today, is not only to print out old exams, but to go to a meeting. The meeting is about volunteer work in college second hand books store.

I have been drinking tea with honey the whole last evening and this morning. Pry for my cold will be gone till Friday so I can work!
Also, I am having huge craving for sweets right now, but hey I have not had chocolate since August, proved of myself.

Meeting with the ambassador

How much can express my respect and thankfulness towards India’s ambassador Mrs. Bose Harrison.
Today, after college ma’am has invited me for a cup of chai at the embassy. Of course I am looking forward to meet ma’am.
As a gift, ma’am gets homemade cloud berry jam. There is nothing better then homemade jam.


We are in November, I am in the mood of backing Christmas cookies. Last year was not possible to bake anything. There for, this time I will double of everything!