It is Sunday!

Good morning!

Today is sunday and the time passing by way too fast. Last night I got some funny mess from a friend.
He was wondring why is pizza circle and is packed sqare boxes and the slizes are triangles. The question was why how come.
I have no clue, I think making a pizza is easier in sqare than in circle. But what do I now?
My replay was, why is chapati circle while naan bread has a totaly different shape. The only time chapati is not in a cicle is when a amateur making chapati, than chapati look more like India or Australia.


I miss the dinners at the hostel

Well, during the time in the hostel I got somewhat tired of never being alone, but at the same time you could be alone by telling your friends what you wanted.
Also I remember the dinner times when we got chicken. Then my plate was cover with chicken masala and none else had that amount of food. Only because of the gym.


Chicken and dal. Then I also took even more chicken because of all the bones the chicken had. My friends thought I was crazy, but the body need a lot of proteins when I spend 2 hours every day at the gym

Again cricket

Again cricket

This is how the mess look like when India is playing cricket. As I ealier wrote about, some of the mess workers do not really work. No, they watch cricket. I think they could actually stand there during the whole game.
For me it is funny to see how important cricket is in India, because we in Sweden do not really have any national sport, which we are good in. Yes, we do have Zalatan a good player but Swedish football team is not that great…


Yesterday was India vs. Pakistan. Surprise, in the mess the TV was on and showed the game and no Bollywood music videos.
Today is an other game, India vs. West India. I have no idea about cricket, but for sure it is better then Bollywood music videos.
Also some of the stuff from the kitchen were watching the game and was not working. Cricket is the sport of India. No doubt.

This week menu

This week menu

Okay, now I know this week´s food.
Some food is better then other, like always.
Nowadays we are not allowed to take food from the mess to our room (beside me).
They also serve us chicken, we are not allowed to take our own chicken.
More restriction nowadays.
Well, at least I can more or less take anything I want. That is the best part to be an exchange student!

Best timing in the mess

Best timing in the mess

As everyone knows know. I really dislike Bollywood music in the mornings. Especially when the girls have the volume to lowed or when it is too much noise in the mess.
I guess one of the reason I have become more sensitive to too noise, is because I can not get a quiet minute. There is always some noise, horn, scream, talk or just traffic.

So, when the mess is almost empty and the TV is not on. I enjoy that time. maybe the most peacefullest moment I can get during the whole day. Is that not sad?

Most enoying moment

Most enoying moment

There are some girls in the hostel which can not eat breakfast without the TV.
This girls are not happy with the news or TV-shows. No, no, they want to turn on the bollywood music videos. Not enough with that, they have the volume really lowed too. Poor girls on first floor over the mess, never quiet.
So this sort of girls are changing the channel every time a song which they do not like. sometimes after just 1 second they change channel once, twice, forth times.
The life in the hostel… But 8 o’clock in the mess, thank good almost none is there. I am not a very social person before I get my walk to college.