Today for breakfast the mess served Poha. When I saw poha I thought “this look so good”. But also I know poha is really tasty.
A sad troth is I am following my diet. I do not follow it like a slave, sometimes I eat more non-veg then vegetables or more of daal then non-veg.

However, the breakfast, no I just can not skip my oat or eggs and instead eating poha. I will let my friends eat more of poha.

I wish some Indian restaurants in Sweden could serve poha.

On a diet

To go out for dinner with friends and tell them I am on a diet. So, I am not going to eat this or that.
Then they look on me and say hey you do not need to loose wight. Well, I know I do not need to loose wight and that is not the reason I am on diet.
There are many different diets, but diet is associated to loose wight.
Then I explain my diet is to gain wight or more right get muscles and be healthy. But with Indian food (specilly with mess food) it is not easy to be eat healthy. Sometimes it is also hard to get vegetables for lunch or dinner in the mess.

What a mess

What a mess

We went to a local market in Delhi. In this market there were very few foreigner, but allot of Indians. We were in Chandni Chowk.
Chandni Chowk is a place where it is possible to find allot of Indian clothes, second hand book, food and allot more. It was more or less impossible to walk.
I think the photo show a India which a think of.

Can I get more?

This with veg- food…
More or less we only get non-veg breakfast max 2 times a week. Non-veg breakfast is only with eggs.
Lunch veg all the time, daal, beans, sometimes paneer.
Dinner… non-veg 3/4 times… Then we get chicken or egg normally.
But the food is “little” bit too hot for me, been in India for 2,5 months and still the food is to hot. Will I ever get use to it?

I havenĀ“t been out during the whole week, because of studies. However, tomorrow is Friday and i will probably take it more easy with the studies.

I have started to study for Indian economy paper and that subject is interesting.


Perfect timing?

Perfect timing.. 2 weeks before the external exam and I start to get sick. During the whole semester I have been okay and now my body decided to get sick.
Maybe the reason is the cold winds in the evenings… What I need are a hot soup and warm drink. Let see what tonight’s dinner will be. I am pretty sure it want be the mess food, stuff capsicum (doesn’t sound good).

Pani puri as evening snacks ohyes!

Pani puri as evening snacks ohyes!

Yesterdays evening snacks was really good pani puris (surprise).
All the time it was a long cue to get more.
However, normally i am just to eat my dinner at 6 and not snacks, but here the dinner serves at 8-10.
Today i going to boil plain chicken and take something from the mess.
I have been sitting with CCM (cross cultural management) assignment and HRM papers the whole day, besides when i was in the gym.

Mess food

As for all sort of mess, if it is in Sweden or India. Mess food can not be on a high standard. Normally I feel the mess food has to much oil and spicy.
Todays dinner will be something with something and chapati.
Probably I will go out to eat or prepare food by myself. Let see how much energy I have!