Breakfast in a cup

Too laze to use a deep plate so a cup is perfectly fine.

Today as every other mornings, my breakfast contain of musli with soured milk and green tea. This green tea from India, is really nice. Normally I have huge problem with green tea. Anyways, you know the feeling of not knowing what to eat, and to have the same thing AGAIN feels a bit heavy but at the sametime, you do not know what is the option.

That was how I felt today, I thought musli or oat and it ended with musli (of course). Nowadays I add less than a teaspoon of honey with my musli, only becasue I like some sweetness and I am telling to myself honey has some good things for us human, the negative part is honey has a lot of energy.


What a night!

Okay, I knew my sleep would be very less, but not this much lack of sleep.

At 4:30 am my body was ready to have breakfast, even though at the nigh I had milk and eggs… My stomach was screaming for breakfast at the same time my mind was not ready to get up from the cozy bed. But, from 5:30 am my stomach was screaming even heavier like an idiot and did not give me any rest. Therefore, the only option I had was to get up and eat breakfast.

On the other side, while having breakfast and this breakfast was a long before college started provided me the oppertunity to watch a Bollywood movie. To watch a bollywood movie in the morning is a luxury.

The movie was Gajinhi, it was sometime ago I watch the movie, and also may be the movie is not really morning movie, but which movie is a morning movie? In the end, I really like Aamir Khan as an actor and the movie is good overall, but in the songs Aamir look really ridiculous.

the pic is taken from google.

I did not forget this morning

Yes, today while applying makup I thought to myself, I should not forget mascara, I should not forget mascara.
Sometimes, I need to remember things in my mind so I do not forget. Also while having breakfast I thought I have to prepare my lunch box, the lunch box and wola, I got the lunchbox too with dal.


Anyways, I have recently started to use Body shops mascara. What is good with the mascara is length, the eyelashes are darker and longer. But, the major but is the mascar is not waterprof. Which mean, if it rains or by  tears the mascara is gone from my eyelashes and is instead on cheeks which is not that beautiful look.

So, next time I have to buy a mascara I won’t buy it from body shop, but this was a Christmas gift from last year Advent calender.

what a morning

good morning! I wish you had much better morning than me. Because I manage to apply makeup, everything beside mascara! How is it possible? I got lipstick with me but forgot mascara. Right now I am feeling a bit stupid. Anyways have this happens to you too? _MG_9196

Kicking energy from a big cup

I have not liked the taste of green tea for a very long time period. For example Lipton green tea has a wired taste I can not really explain the taste beside Lipton is nothing for me. However, some friends of mine recomended me to buy green tea because it sould be healthy and relaxing effects on the body. They said Organix India Tulsi green tea is really good and tasty and I needed to try it. So Tulsi Green tea came home with me and after some weeks with the tea I can say I really love it. Everymorning and afternoon my mug is full with Tulsi green tea. Next time I am visiting India I am so going to buy it again the price was 200 rupees, which is okay price.

Breakfast with micro porriage

Right now I felt for skipping the oat and soured milk and instead have something warm with my tea. So the porriage and was really easy to make in micro. Oat with some flaxseed and raisin. The water is dubble up of the water. Of course I have added honey, to get more sweet. I have so much honey nowadays and because of the a lot of honey. So the time was less than 3 min.


On top of that, every morning I am taking three tablets to get enough of vitamins and hair control tablet. I have had the problem of losing hair and the only thing which is working is hair control tablet.

holy hour of the day

Some people would say the dinners are the sacred time of the day. But, in my case the sacred hours are the mornings. It does not matter if I am eating my oat in the kitchen standing up (my favourite spot) or sitting at the kitchen table and having too much time. The morning is my best hour.
The breakfast is the same everyday, if I do not get my oat and instead bread, it can destroy my mood for some hours. Tea and coffee are a must, tea first and than coffee to really kick in.

Rule number one, do not speak with me before I had something in my stomach, especilly a complain or the normal how was the sleep or what is the plan for today. The answer would be very limited. I like company at the table, but do not speak with me too early in the morning. Best thing is to be quite and just be.


Coffee time, a must to wake me up.

What a morning

Last night I took a look on my time table to make sure I had class today morning. I read that from 8 am to 11 am there was a class. So, at 5:50 my clock rang, and I woked up fresh and made my lunch and ate my breakfast in the kitchen next to the sink (as always during the week). Packed my bags (one bag for law book and computer and the other one for my gym clothes and food). Than half way to the train I checked once again on the time table and saw we do not have any class today. Instead the time table showed only seminariums. Which mean I got ready and stressed all for nothing. Instead of travle to college I turn around and here I am at home in my gym clothes infront of my computer writing about law.
At 11 am I am going for Bodybalance class 🙂 So may be this day won’t be too bad either. _MG_8619

Already my 5th or 6th cup

Good morning!
I hope you had a nice sleep, which I did not really got, I woke up servel times and dreamed wired dreams. One of the dreams was about Bollywood and the next one was about GMAT. As you can hear, my dreams were totally mixed up.
A reason for the GMAT dream was because I spoke with a friend about GMAT and I am feeling stressed out already for the upcoming exam day.

However, I have had so many cups of tea and the clock has not passed 10 am… what is the sign? I am teaholic? So, now mind went for coffee and at least this is my first cup of coffee. Whenever coffee is being make at my home, there are some spices with the coffee. I do not add chili or garama masla. No, mostly cardamom or/with cinnamon. However, today I made a twist, instead of cardamom my coffee was with cinnamon and ginger powder. The flavor is good.
So, now my coffee will have three different spices to be mixed with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. What more can be added to coffee? Cacao powder and coffee is a winning concept (I have already tried it).

Good Morning!

I had a great start today. Not only did the alarm ring at 6:16 am and I had a fresh peach before leaving home and attend bodybalance class. For me, the bodybalance is the only workout I can do with my keen. On the other side, I do not event think I should do bodybalance, because in some positions my knee is provide a burning feeling. However, I have to do some sort of work out, and bodybalance is better than bodypump and jogging.

Well, right now I am sipping my coffee with cinnamon powder and having my standard breakfast oat with soured milk and wild raspberries. On the side studying GMAT. I can say this, I have to put a lot of effort on GMAT. A LOT.