What a morning

Last night I took a look on my time table to make sure I had class today morning. I read that from 8 am to 11 am there was a class. So, at 5:50 my clock rang, and I woked up fresh and made my lunch and ate my breakfast in the kitchen next to the sink (as always during the week). Packed my bags (one bag for law book and computer and the other one for my gym clothes and food). Than half way to the train I checked once again on the time table and saw we do not have any class today. Instead the time table showed only seminariums. Which mean I got ready and stressed all for nothing. Instead of travle to college I turn around and here I am at home in my gym clothes infront of my computer writing about law.
At 11 am I am going for Bodybalance class 🙂 So may be this day won’t be too bad either. _MG_8619

Already my 5th or 6th cup

Good morning!
I hope you had a nice sleep, which I did not really got, I woke up servel times and dreamed wired dreams. One of the dreams was about Bollywood and the next one was about GMAT. As you can hear, my dreams were totally mixed up.
A reason for the GMAT dream was because I spoke with a friend about GMAT and I am feeling stressed out already for the upcoming exam day.

However, I have had so many cups of tea and the clock has not passed 10 am… what is the sign? I am teaholic? So, now mind went for coffee and at least this is my first cup of coffee. Whenever coffee is being make at my home, there are some spices with the coffee. I do not add chili or garama masla. No, mostly cardamom or/with cinnamon. However, today I made a twist, instead of cardamom my coffee was with cinnamon and ginger powder. The flavor is good.
So, now my coffee will have three different spices to be mixed with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. What more can be added to coffee? Cacao powder and coffee is a winning concept (I have already tried it).

Good Morning!

I had a great start today. Not only did the alarm ring at 6:16 am and I had a fresh peach before leaving home and attend bodybalance class. For me, the bodybalance is the only workout I can do with my keen. On the other side, I do not event think I should do bodybalance, because in some positions my knee is provide a burning feeling. However, I have to do some sort of work out, and bodybalance is better than bodypump and jogging.

Well, right now I am sipping my coffee with cinnamon powder and having my standard breakfast oat with soured milk and wild raspberries. On the side studying GMAT. I can say this, I have to put a lot of effort on GMAT. A LOT.


Again I forgot

It is Sunday morning and I woke up at 6 am, due to same mistake as yesterday morning. The morning sun is reflecting on my neighbor’s windows and in to my room, on my eyes. Just enough of minutes to wake me up and as the sun rise the reflect is diapering. Also, my plan yesterday was to have sleep in morning today, well that did not turn out that great… 7:20 am right now and I already had my breakfast and started with my studies.

So, my plan for today is to take a walk in the city (lovely weather) and the visit my parents, go to the gym and then home. Also, I have to decide which gym I want to join, because today is the last day with my membership at friskis. Somehow I wish we in Sweden had Golds gym. That brand was the best gym I have ever visit before. Fresh locals, good crowd and workers. Best gym for sure.
Well, I might join Nordic wellness or just join belly dancing again (such a good training for the stomach!) Let see.

A statue in Stockholm, near to Dramaten.

Morning walk to the train station

Today and again I woke up before the alarm clock and had a calm breakfast with a episod of Big bang theory.
However, the time did not pass by fast enough therefore I the time to take a walk next to the wait on my way to college.

It is during this season with early sun which many people in Stockholm loving and so do I.
Love the sun during the sping, because the weather is not too hot and the sun is not too strong either. Just lovely, lovely. The whole way and right now I am still smiling.
Welcome back the sun, we have been missing you.


Good day

Good morning!
I hope you had a nice sleep which is the opposite for me. My neighbor had again a party to 5/6 am. During the night I woke up many times and at 5:45 I was clear awake and a screaming stomach.
Well, therefore the whole morning was delegated to put aside winter shoes, jacket and so on.
Also, maybe one of the best things are I got the time to put aside my perfume bottles in a box. The box is half full with all different shapes, colors, senses of perfume bottles.


The perfume bottles are one of my greats collections. More right my collections of perfume bottles and handbags. I will never throw away my perfume bottles, they are just laying in a box, but they are so beautiful to look at. Also, they are memories from holidays, a typical to get a perfume bottle in the duty free area.

What a day

I was very happy in the morning because I got huge amount of sleep and was going to do my laundry. However that morning turned out to be a nightmare.
The key to the laundray room was (might still be missing). There for I called the chairman and he was not at home and the key I got was the wrong key. There for, I was standing with a bag full with laundry, the only solution was to put on my shoes and travel to my parents house.
Yes, I took the metro with a blue IKEA bag with my laundry to my parents house. I might have lost my favorite sweater on the journey…That is not my proudest moments, but laundry is laundry and has to be clean.
Also, at 3 pm was my exam in organization theory, done and I can only keep my fingers crossed.