walk in Stockholm

So, today´s was the oppoiste from the last evenings with a lot of work. Therefore, it felt wired to not have anything to do at 9 pm, 10 pm and even 11 pm. So, instead of getting ready for bed, I decided to take a evening walk around Stockholm. During the walk I found a great band preforming at Drottninggatan. There were a lot of people, standing and listning on the band.
The music was not my cup of tea, but compare to other street music this was good. Really good.
That is the beauty with the summer, people are out and prefroming arts. The total opposite with winter, when everyone is sitting inside and do not want to face the cold weather.


Christmas carols on loudest volume.

Perfect day and still the day are not over.
I have been busy with baking and listing to Christmas carols on spotify. To the old classic Christmas melodies which I know I have been singing and dancing to. There for I would say that is one of the best things to be home alone. It is okay to sing and dance however you feel without worrying what the others are thinking. The reason I am writing it is because I am the worst person in singing.
Well what to do, if it makes me happy and none can hear me, then it is okay.
So, in the kitchen some candles are lighting and spreading some warmness in a much colder Sweden. I hope you have had a good Sunday.

We had some great times

So, it is time to say good bye to something I have had for a very long period of time.
Playing on the grand piano was a good way to kill some hours or to relax. But, now it is time to say good bye, or try to get it sold.
The grand piano stands in the living room and none plays on it anymore.
For me, the grand piano has been my dearest belonging, but I can not have it in my flat and also, I have not plaid for some years now.
I am very glad that I have learnt to play on piano since I was 5-6 years old.
The grand piano is from 1870th and has a metal frame and darker melody.


listening on spotify

The belly dance teacher has made a music list on spotify for us student.
The list has all the songs we are dancing to.
I have catch myself starting practicing some dance steps instead of cleaning. Like I have the duster in my hand doing the shimmy and so on.
Dancing and cleaning is not the effectiveness, but at least it is fun!

Right now my computer is playing Zay El Asal feat Yara… something (too long name to write it down with the song Rola Saad.

work and work

Today is a long day, first of all university and at 4-10 PM work. Probably I will get home at 10:30-11 PM.
Well, I have to start practices in finance after this class, but probably I get time during the weekend.

Old photo from my college. We do not have snow yet.
In the morning I have been listen on Bollywood love songs from 2010 till now and I it get me in a peaceful mood. Just perfect amount of Bollywood and on the right music level, can not be wrong. Time to pack my bag with work clothes and notebooks. Time to get ready!

Eurovision song contest

Well I guess eurovision song contest is something very big in Sweden, I have no idea about the other countries. However, the best part is to listen to the music and just comment all the performances. Also, the song qualities are not at all good. But it is fun to watch. 
Hope you enjoy the program too!

concert tonight

Today is a special day for one of my friends.
This friend I met in a English class for 3 years ago and today is his final concert. Also the music will be inspired from Kurdistan and also some Swedish.
Well, I have only listen on the band he is playing in on youtube and wow they are good. So, now I cannot wait for the evening to arrive.


Listen on the music and I can not stop listen, they are so good!

Music and dance on the street

Music and dance on the street

Right now when I was walking back home from the gym. Yes, I have been working out everyday.
On the way home, I met a group dancing men to the latest Bollywood songs. The crowd was not big, maybe around 30-40 people.

However, every time there is a group of men, dancing, playing music. I take extra long way to not be near the crowd. This has thing has develop during my time in India, because I try to avoid cords with men. In the end, anything can happen…

Also, this is India… Nothing is surprising….

what is this?

When I was walking home from the gym was it little bit dark, so during that time I walk faster and want to be in the hostel as soon as possible.
Near Sky max, was allot of policemen and a statue of a local historical man. Then on the street they had big stage, music was playing and men were dancing on the street. Also outside the food store was a small group of men dancing and was playing load music.
I have no idea what sort of function this was for.

Never ending music

The society next to the hostel has a function the last days. If I remember right from Friday and still going on. They have a tent and playing load, load music. The music is bollywood music, some are old with mix off the latest.
I think it is a wedding or something like that. Why on earth would they play music the couple of nights if it was not a wedding?
They start to play around 7 and keep on play and play.