Music and dance on the street

Music and dance on the street

Right now when I was walking back home from the gym. Yes, I have been working out everyday.
On the way home, I met a group dancing men to the latest Bollywood songs. The crowd was not big, maybe around 30-40 people.

However, every time there is a group of men, dancing, playing music. I take extra long way to not be near the crowd. This has thing has develop during my time in India, because I try to avoid cords with men. In the end, anything can happen…

Also, this is India… Nothing is surprising….

what is this?

When I was walking home from the gym was it little bit dark, so during that time I walk faster and want to be in the hostel as soon as possible.
Near Sky max, was allot of policemen and a statue of a local historical man. Then on the street they had big stage, music was playing and men were dancing on the street. Also outside the food store was a small group of men dancing and was playing load music.
I have no idea what sort of function this was for.

Never ending music

The society next to the hostel has a function the last days. If I remember right from Friday and still going on. They have a tent and playing load, load music. The music is bollywood music, some are old with mix off the latest.
I think it is a wedding or something like that. Why on earth would they play music the couple of nights if it was not a wedding?
They start to play around 7 and keep on play and play.