Travel around the world


Who new this lake is located in US or was it Canada? I did not till my friend send this photo to me. For me the lake look like it is in a warm exotic country and not US or Canada. Anyway, this place is something I wish to visit. The water and the trees around make everyhting so beautiful.


How would not go? The time is 7:30 in the morning right now, and throw my window the only thing I can see is grey! Where is the life and color? This is why Sweden is horrible during the fall/winter just like Indian mosson period! ūüėÄ

It has not been a good summer


While being up in the north for picking berries, we reliced how bad the spring and the summer have been for the season. However, the season has not stoped us from trying to find the good colden berries which is so expensive and the taste is not that great either. So, what to do? the only option is to get dress after the weather and have enough food in the bag due to long days in the forests.

Back from holiday

Well, to leave home feels always good to get a break from the normal life and be able to enjoy something different. In my case, a holiday up in the north is not at all new, I have done that since I was a kid. However, it is not everyday I can be out in the forest and pick berries till I start dream about berries in the night.
However, yesterday was a typical summer day. That means, being out in the forest for the whole day, become too tired to think and dinner at home. After the dinner it was time to make jam till 1 am. I made blueberry jam on 4-5 kg blueberries and my parents made jam on our cloudberries. Moveover, at 5 am the alarm rang to wake us up for the bus to stockholm.
Now, I am back home and unpacking, feeling pleased with the passed week. But, it is always good to be back home, in my own flat.

buffe with cheese!

Yes, that is true, a buffe with only cheeses! Is it possible to get anything better then cheese? In my opinion it is impossible. The cheese is everything from creamy to strong mouth killing cheese. Therefore, perfect for everybody. On top of that, the price include something to drink such as soft drink to stronger and after coffee or tea with an other table with cookies. Heaven for a unhealthy people. (i am one of them sometimes, however this visit I skiped the buffe and only had a cup of coffee). But, still I am enjoying the place.
_MG_9109 _MG_9108

The buffe is run by Kullens gårdsmejeri in Klövsjö. One of the must to visit while bing up in the north. Best cheese, ever. I am in love with this place.

Back to Stockholm

I had such a lovely weekend away from Stockholm, from Tuesday to Thursday. Instead of being in Stockholm with my grandparents and I went to they summer house. It turn out they have had the house for 50 years! 50 whole years, is it crazy? Well, I did have my computer, phone and camera with me, but at the same time, kept a distance from the world around me.
We had great weather and made some work in the garden and the best part manage to be in the forest for some hours. Every evening I took a walk to the forest and picked some mushrooms and blueberries. All by myself in the forest is a big step for me. But, wow, what a feeling, to be a part of the nature. I love, love and love it too much.
So, now, I am sitting with 3 liters of mushrooms and a bucket with bluebarries and do not really know what to do with all… Must likel my parents will get a the mushrooms ans I will be making jam…
Let see. But I am back in Stockholm!

20 minutes walk and you got this

Yesterday before the dinner, I could not stay at home any longer. Even after a bodypump work out at Nordic wellness, my body still had extra energy.
Well, for an hours or so I took a walk with many other joggers and walkers around Djurgården and Gärdet next to the water. The nature took me by surprise with the quietness and lack of people. It is just some minutes from the city but still extremely few people. May be everyone is going to Skansen instead of a walk. Well, I shall not complain.
Also, a friend got photo on the nature and her answer on whatsapp was, it is so clean and they rarely find this neatness. It was like Kashmir she thought.

A short trip can turn out to be a long


Well, a trip with a person liking to take photo can take as long as to take a walk with a 3 years old kid. We both like to stop up and look around, especially on beautiful, different things such as flowers, insects.
Well, I think I have figured out what I wish in birthday gift a lens and a Photoshop program. Because would it be nice to upload some what okay photos on the blog? I think so at least.
However, on the top photo you can see I tried to take some nice photo on the red flowers… Well, now when I am looking the photos, they are not that great. I have to practice. On the other side, I am very thankful the good nature rocky mounties have, because the nature lift up the photos just a pinch or so. The Rocky mounties and Himalaya are the places I have visited, and may be, just may be the places are a taste example of heaven.
IMG_2114Think of hiking in Rocky mounties for a week! That would be so cool. Really cool. But would it be safe due to the bears?

Up in the north

How lucky am I?
Well, to be able to be out in the nature in the summer and pick berries.
The swamp is km long. Far, far away are the top of the mounties with wind crafts.
The quietness in the nature, sounds from birds does not exist. However, sometimes it is possible to hear some other people talking.

During the time on the swamp, once thoughts are in the spotlights and after weeks with work the body can finally relax. Relax and become worn out. The best feeling ever.
This summer I have to visit the north again with family and hopefully with some friends.
Too sad very few young people love the nature or may be they taken the nature for granted. But I have not.

Chnaged the header

Was it not time to change the header?
For me, the earlier header was beautiful on the flower. (never seen a flower like that before). However, the header started to become old and also, I do not live in India anymore. So, may be the header should have a other look.


The new header is not from Sweden, but on the other hand the view is amazing. Love the photo, taken i Canada.


Hope you like the new header, in my case I love it!