Dinner for one


Nowadays I have become so lazy with my cooking. I have no energy to put any effort to make it look special or even tasty because in the end it is only me who is going to eat the food. Me and me every single day. Kind of sad to think about it, however, at least I get all I need hopfully.
Of course when I am cooking I use a lot of spices such as masala, tumeric powder and chili. I need at least chili to make the food good. When the burning part is missing, the food does not taste that great.

Hot little India

Yesterday evening my friend and I went to Indian resturant to have dinner. As always the biggest question is which place serve good food. This place is located on Sveavägen in Stockholm and calls Hot little India.

My friend got a hot dish but not too hot, the dish hotness suites the name of the place. While, my dish was not at all hot and had the name chilli chicken korma, there was no chilli. But both dishes together tasted really good, a good mixed of hot and creamly. Sadly I did not take any photo. The biggest drawback was the naan bread. Somehow the bread tasted like the naan bread from the food store. however  the main dishes were really good!
This might be the best Indian restaurant so far.

The photo is from tripadvisor

Phil’s Burger

Today was not a normal day. After a long time my family and I went out for dinner. For weeks I have passed this place and felt the amazing sens of food. Therefore I decided we needed to visit the place.
Phil’s has bar and open to 1 am and is very charmful. I would say a more of clean and cold room bu at the same time comfort with the candles.
The menu is not big but has the options of veg and non-veg also small and bigger burgers.
WP_20150915_18_55_49_Rich_LI WP_20150915_18_55_54_Rich_LI

Dinner at home

The new homework is to take 3-5 photos and present “my Stockholm”, but what is my Stockholm. I do not know, yet. Also, I can not say I want to go out to take photos due to the weather.
But what is Stockholm for me?

  • Espresso house
  • My family
  • K25
  • Green
  • Rain
  • Friends
  • My apartment
  • Few people
  • Studies

We are not allowed to take photos on the city hall, because we have seen photos on the City hall too many times.

Yesterday, I met up a friend and we took a walk to Slussen and then headed home to cook and bake.

For dinner we made dumplings (yea, I am very weak for dumplings) then we made rhubarb pie. The rhubarbs for this year are incredible.


I know, the color is not right on the photo, but I can not really change.. But the dough is easy to make.

  •  2 dl floor
  • 100 g of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of suggar

Mix everything with your fingers and then spread the dough over the rhubarbs, appels or anything form of fruits. The oven tempratur is 225 degreese and let the pie be in the oven for 30 mintues.

Last dinner


Yesterday was a great evening. I made reindeer with fresh potatoes.

The reindeer, is made with:
Onion 1
Garlic 1
Mushrooms 8
Reindeer one bag
Cream Fresh with different mushrooms as flavor
juniper berries crushed 5-10
A stock from wild meat
Salt and pepper
First onion with the garlic till they get golden color. Then add the mushrooms and the juniper berries, after some minutes add the reindeer. With till the reindeer is cooked throw to add cream fresh and stock.


For the dinner

Okay, my utis, the exchange student which I am a mentor for is coming over for dinner. I have cut all the vegetables already so, what I need to do is to put all the things in the pan in 20 minutes.


Well, the main dish is reindeer with fresh, new potatoes. So, good. On the side, we will have a salad, very simple one. But, we on top of the salad is olive oil from Portugal. Very good quality olive oil and tasty. I have had it my parents’ house, but never used mine more or less. Hopefully she will enjoy the dinner. Also, the exchange student is caring with her a German dessert and I will provide coffee from South America. Such a nice evening we will have!

Chicken for lunch

For some days ago the food store had a good price on chicken so, I stock my kitchen with almost three kg of chicken. Typical student behavior?
So, today at the lunch I decided it was time to make something with almost a kg of chicken. The spices were Chicken masala, chili, and some other, more or less I used spices I could find and thought might work good.
I would say in the end the chicken turn out better then I thought when I added the tomatoes. Also, I would say this is so me, to add what ever I can find and just hoping the food is eatable.


Simple and works for one person.

Finally home made momos

For some weeks ago I saw a blogger had made dumplings and I relized how much I miss momos (dumplings) and then I saw an other blog with a video blog about how to make momos. So, was that a sign for me to make momos? I think so.

In the evening after smaka på Stockholm I made momos and skyped with a friend from India and living in Hong Kong right now. Well, it was the first time for me to make momos, so I was a bit worried I was going to fail one of the reasons was I did not have oil and used instead coconut oil. However, my momos turn out perfect!
Also, in India I have had steam momos and not fried, but in my kitchen I have limited of equipment’s and needed to fry all my momos and was not sure how the momos would taste. On the other side, I did not need to worry that much, everything turn out great and I have food boxes for some days due to I made too much fillings.


My fillings was with what I had in the kitchen, ginger, garlic, beef, carrot, onion and some masala and on top of that black pepper. So, you can fill the momos with what every you like.
Moreover, the dough is more important to get with right potions.

For the dough
  • 1 cup (150 g, 5¼ oz) plain or All Purpose flour
  • ⅓ cup (80 ml, 2¾ fl oz) water
  • ½ tsp vegetable oil
  • ¼ tsp salt

Then, let the dough rest for 30 minutes and then you can make the filling. In the end fry the momos for some minutes and then eat!

In my case I stood in the kitchen and was eating the momos while the were ready directly from the pan. Lovely, best part of living alone, none can comments on my behavior. hehe

Guess what this is!


The dish is from Peru and non-veg. On the menu it was written typical street food. Well, the meat is grilled cow stomach with spicy marinate on top is the yellow sauce which I have no idea, because it was not spicy at all served with potatoes. The cow stomach had a interesting texture I must say. A bite of chewing and nothing special.
We said before, we need to try something wired which we have not tried before. The reason was, it is easy to get samosa, hot dogs, and other food which did not feel special. So, when we saw this dish we said okay, let us try this because when will we get the opportunity to order something like this again?

Lunch at Taco truck

I feel so good right now.

So far my day has been great. First of all, in the morning I got time to iron everything which needed to be done. Then, I went to the gym and killed my arms in bodypump class. Really, I killed them, in the end it is all about challenge yourself both mentally and physical.
For lunch we went to taco truck. Yes, as you know, we especially me love taco truck. The food is fresh and tasty. The preparation time is nothing and within 3 minutes you have your food. So, this time I ordered chicken and black beans, two of each. The reason is I did not feel for pork. The black beans did not tasted as great as the chicken, but still good.


When the summer has arrived I have to visit taco truck at humlegården. The place looks amazing.