Lam and rice at Sharaton


lam with less gravy and saffron rice. The dish was great. perfect amount of masla, which helped the lams’ flavor to improve. However, on my right said my new friend from India said this has too little gravy while I thought it was enough (all most no gravy at all). The lam was soft and neasy to remove from the bone and juicy. Perfect taste.
The rice, wow, with saffron. I can not express the taste of the rice.
Well. The food by Chef Anurudh Khanna was amazing. You should visit 260 while he is here.

Stress and food, the perfect combo?


The chicken is from my birthday with my family. Does not it look really tasty? Well, I think so, I would love to have that plate right now.

So when I am facing high pressure hunger is really high. Also, my mind is requesting meat, but not any kind of non-veg, the meat should have a lot flavor or cheese is working very well. That is what my mind is thinking right now about food and if I can go to the food store and buy non-veg or should I be good and skip it. Well, of course I will skip the food store.
But, today is the last day to complete the thesis and on top of that the last fashion show. Due to yesterday evening stress I was at the gym from 11-11:30 pm to work out and to remove the stress. Well I can say this, it was not easy to wake up at 5:30 to get ready for the meeting, but I manage it.

Sunday luxury

Well, I do not think I can express my feelings about how badly I want the thesis to be over. Really, it is so tyring, especielly when I know I am doing mistakes in the text but I can not see where the mistakes are. However, my friend and I sat in college for the whole day and my dad came to pick me up. Not bad, na. To skip the busses, metro and so on.
At home, my dad had made this lovely meat. First he had fride the meat and then in the oven. The meat tasted amazing. Really good. Also, on top of that, the meat was not from a typical food store. Instead the meat came from the north of Sweden, Klövsjö. We bought it from Kullensgårds mejeri, which means the meat was even better.


The upper photo is on the gravy and photo under is on the meat. I wish I had a oven at my place. My dad tried to make the dish in the same way as how meat was made in the 1950 and so. Well, I think he made it really good! I have not had this great food for a week or more.


In heaven again

After the shows with the collecting, organizing the clothes, shoes, make up and so on we were on the way to the taxi the ambassador of India or more right to say Aunty came and requested us to have dinner. We hadn´t had lunch and almost no snacks either just a fruit, so the dinner tasted amazing. We got chicken rolls from “India street food” food truck. That dish tasted amazing. We could finally rest and have a great meal at kungsträdgården. Also, aunty was there, other people from the embassy.

For sure I will order at an other time food from Indian street food truck.

One of my Achilles Heel

May be this is one of my biggest Achilles heel, my weak spot. Not only good food, which I think almost everyone are weak for. No, my Achilles heel is liver. I have love all sort of liver. So, when I saw the menu and for starts the restaurant had duck liver, I was sold out. I knew that was the plate for me to start with.
As you can see the food was nicely decorated. The green ball was with pumpkin seeds and inside a white cheese. Well, the only thing I do not like but can eat it without any problem is fresh figs. On the other side dry figs are so sweet and yummy just like candies.


While the rest of the company ordered white asparagus. Asparagus are good too but nothing can compare with duck liver. What I heard was the white asparagus were really good too. We all enjoyed the food. At the dessert my family gave me the birthdays gifts, which was exactly what I asked for. For the first time I only got what I asked for. I WAS SO LUCKY!

At home

For dinner I visited my parents house. Normally the diet at my parents house is hot dogs, meatballs or herring with pasta and something more. Cooking real food happens when we have the energy, time and so on. But mostly, we only want the food on the table within some minutes.
So, today’s dinner was like the normal dinners. Nothing special food but at least I got company with my dad. Therefore the dinner did taste better then normally, think how funny a company can change the experience of the food. Normally at my own home, I cook my food and instead of a company with a person I watch a tv-program on my computer. During breakfast I have got the habit to stand in kitchen next to the sink and eat (so wired but I like it). To go to the kitchen table is not on my mind either, but may be once in the blue moon I can have my breakfast at the table. Living alone lead to people create wired habits, which does not always make any sense for a outsider.
IMG_7988Simple dinner but okay at least.

Typical to not carry my camera with me

Yesterday evening my dad and I met up and took a walk around the city. Somehow we ended up eating dinner at a small La neta restaurant. The was almost new cue when we arrived but pretty long when we left. I would say the public is people with the first real job after university.
La neta is simmulare with Taco truck but with more contaminations and much hotter food. A lot. They have both veg and non-veg dishes.
I ordered Chilorio (long-cooked turkey), Raja (mixed veg) and Flor (mixed veg) without cheese.

I would say 3 is little too less for me. Also somehow even if Taco Truck has a limited offers so prefer I taco truck over La neta. One reason is Taco truck has less spicy and somehow the food feel more fresh then La neta.

El Taco truk

We did not go to K25 yesterday, instead we visited El Taco Truck at Östermalm.
Simple place and fresh. The dishes are chicken, beef and/or black beans. But the change the flavors, spices on them. Last time the chicken was with chocolate and this time it was with something else. So, the person can decided how many super small tortillas he/she wants to eat from 1 and up.

My brother and I ordered 4 each while on the other side my dad ordered 3. For tortillas is for less then 100 Kr. A good place for students.


My dish contain 2 chicken (little more spicy then the rest), 1 bean and 1 beef.

Chicken and rice


So much food, so much and good.
Just like many other evenings out we went to K25. It is simple, nice and in Stockholm’s heart. K25 has become more and more popular. Even if it was just some days before salary the were almost no empty tables.
My dinner was from Zoccalo, Zoccalo is located in different spots in Stockholm. They located for example opposite to Åhlens city. The reason we went to K25 because the other in my company ordered from other restaurants.
Would I order the food again? Yes, chicken, avocado, salad and rice. Good combination, next time I will skip the rice and add more beans or salad.

Evening with a friend


So, today evening I went to a friend’s house for barbeque. My very first barbeque for the season.. The whole evening was amazing. With a lot of talk, laugh and good time. The problem was with the local train as always. The train was working somehow, but not perfect.
The meat was perfect, not to dry and not to raw for swedish taste, but too dry for Americans.
After the dinner, I got to try a soup. A taiwanese soup with tofu and pork. As you can hear, this evening was not a typical evening for me.