Taco Truck, me like

Thank god I did not need to cook dinner today.
Some weekends my family has the habit to go out for dinner and go to a Espresso house shop for a cup of latte.
The resturants we go to are good, and the food is for a good price. If I should explain the restaurants are in the price range which students can go to. The meals are more costly then McDonalds and MAX but cheaper then typical dinner places. A meal is around 100 kr.

So, today we went to Taco Truck near to Östermalms torg, the open timings are a bit limit. 11-20 pm during the week and 12-14 during the weekends. The resturant is very small, but fresh and simple, with 5 tables and many different chilli sauces.
The customer can choose have tortilla bread he/she wants, it is possible to order 1 and up to 6 also the prices are depends on the amount of bread. Then the customer can choose the topping, beef, chicken or black bean.

I ordered all the different topping, beef, chicken with chocolate and black beans. The chicken had a smoke flavor, which I prefer, and also the black been was tasty.
For sure I have to visit the this place again. Just hope to have a company by someone!

Dinner with chicken

Today, after a long day at college. Double lessons are not fun at all. Also, an important note, we got the needed information about the next semester. There for I arrived at my parents house later then my earlier plan.
It was just to start fixing my laundry and the dinner.
My very sweet dad had the night before put some chicken breast in the refrigerator from the freezer. There for my job was easy, decied how to cook the chicken in a pan or in the oven. The decision was easy, because I do not have a oven there for I like to use my parents oven when ever the option exist.


So, the dinner was made of chicken breast, garlic, onion and cream fresh with paprika or tomato flavor and fresh pasta. Fresh pasta is fast food (3 min in boiling water and the done).
On top that, my dinner date was the TV and many different programs all about crown searching to baking and big bang theory. Anything, just to avoid the commercial.

Dinner with family

Instead of having dinner at home or at my parents house, my dad and I met up for dinner.
The common question is where to eat. Stockholm has many cafes but any good dinner places for 100 SEK is harder to find in the city.
Of course we have the fast food places but that is not a proper meal.

However, we tried a place for some months ago call Babel Deli near by Sveavägen.
The place is what I would say a hip place where many men and women around 20-30 years old and having dinner and talking for some times.

This time I made my own Meze plate, which allow me to choose 3 different warmer options such as chicken, veg or meet and 2 sous for example hummus, tzatziki and much more. My chose were lamb, chicken and dolma. the souses were hummus and capsicum sous. IMG_6789

Top point out, the dinner was also to celebrate my new job. The job is kicking of in some weeks and there for my time table is pretty full. On the other side I am very happy and can not wait for the next year to start!

Who could think I made this?

IMG_6735 1

I have been missing the flavors of Indian spices. Might be more right to say non-Swedish flavors. Most of the Swedish typical Swedish food does not have any spices, I would say we like to the natural taste of everything. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be too much of hot, spicy taste.
There for, at the cooking class my team made this lamb biriyani. I have no words to explain how good the dish tasted and sensed. Well, what I have learned by making this dish how hard and time consuming the dish is. To point out, there is nothing to complain about the dish. This dish is something I would love to make again, but with non limited of time, to take my own time and read the recipe to really understand.
Also, when it is my turn to make the dish the portion of lamb and rice have to change. I love lamb there for the dish has to have more lamb and less rice.
This makes me remember  the hostel times’ in the hostel at dinner I collected all chicken pieces and skipped the rice as much as I could.

Lovely evening with lovely people and awesome food

I have just arrived from the South Indian cooking class.We were 11 people in three groups and made different dishes, in the end the dishes were put together on a table. There for we could try every single dishes.
Did I like the class? Yes, we were at International chef school in Stockholm. The kitchen was fresh and good working area too. The people were nice and we helped each other.
How was the food? Lovely, all the dishes tasted good. Some had a more taste of Indian, while other needed to adopt to the Swedish equipments. As a example, we could not make a proper dosa, due to the time and equipment therefor we made with different ingredient. In the class the reprises were for starter, main courses and dessert. Everything in one evening.
Also, the host of the class had a presentation about the food history and spices in India. Which waked up intrest inside of me to read about Indian food hisotry. How cool is that? History is interesting and fun, cooking is a peace of heaven and put those 2 together. Are there any other better subjects?

What my team made was; cold avocado soup sort of (the greenish color drink in the front of the photo), lamb biriyani (in the background with some orange on the top) and tomato chutney also something with chickpeas (the other two dishes are impossible to see)
Now, I am not at all tired due to the food… I do not know what to, because I have an early day tomorrow.

The hosts’ name is Sanjoo and has a website with information of activities and so on. For example, a trip to india to experince south Indian food. Just a food journey for food lovers!

Good Night

fast dinner food with coconut milk

Fast food or I have no idea.
The thing is I am sick of my loaf meat, It never ends, when a food box gets over and then I have a new box.
So, sometimes I change my meal. Last weekend I bought Curry powder and mixed it with coconut milk. Still I have the problem to do the right portion of chilli powder and my food become too spicy. So in the end I add soured milk.

lunch with a friend

Well for The first time to be at Vapiano. Everytime i have passed any vapiano it has been crowded. vapiano has a nice concept, Cook the food infornt of the customer. the problem is the Cues can be long and there for long wait time to get the food.
my food was a normal salad, while my friend had pasta.
i would not really go back because the noise level is high.


hopefully my friend want to orgonize a game evening with friends.

Lunch with family

WP_20141001_002After a my meeting (and it went good). My phone called and my mom called me to have lunch with her.
Well, how can I ever say no to have lunch with family?
We met up at her office and we ordered fish soups with salad table.We spoke about present and the future.

I think, because I am living alone I prefer to meet my family much more especially over a meal. To have company over some meals are very pleasant.

Pizza pizzzzza

Okay so I was may be not for the best help, at least my friend borrowing my book. Hopefully we understand MU/P.
Also, we we made awesome pizza and something different from meat loaf. I am getting sick of meat loaf and need something new for some days.

meat loaf for a week?

So, IMG_6518
Well, with 5,5 kg of meat, I made 7 meat loafs.
Finally, I made some sort of meat loaf (so proved of myself).
Like the preparation with the vegetables took the longest time and to mix it with the meat. But when the meat was in the oven, I could do something else.

So, during the perpetration Ratatouille played on my laptop, just to have some to look and listen to then to my own thoughts. I get enough of time with my thoughts by living alone.

Back to the meat loaf, I forgot a thing. My freezer is not big enough for all meat loaf….
The vegetables in the meat loaf is, carrots, onions, mushrooms and olives. The spices was mostly just black pepper, salt and some spices form Canada. This time I did not want to add Indians spices, because I wanted to feel the taste of the meat! Yummy, Yummy!