Gingerbread cookies

May be this is a good idea to for the baking, gingerbread cookies.

The only problem is, the dough has to stay rest for a night. At the same time, it is weekend and I can travel to my parents house without any problems.

On top of that, homemade gingerbread cookies are so much better than the cookies from the stores. Also, the sense of gingerbread cookies are one of the best during the whole christmas.

A good tip for snacks for a christmas party is to have gingerbread cookies with blue cheese. So good.

You may call me boring

Yesterday a dear friend of mine had her birthday party. We were may be 20 people in a 29 square meeter big studio apartment. On top of that, my friend has got a job, so there for we celebrated extra!
However, my friend had made this amazing snacks, olives with Västenbotten cheese. Really tasty. My friend is very good chef and like trying new things.

Well, I was the only one who did not drink anything. But, for the first time, I did not need to explain why I do not drink. It felt so good, seriously, no explanation, just to be a part of the group.

When I was at this party, I realized all the people are international either they had grown up or work/study in later years abroad. They are goal orientated, either they have a job or study. The most spoken language was English. There for I felt pretty young in the company, and also I was the only one without a bachelor degree… Well on the other side I can say too I am studying a master.

All good times ends, and for me the party ended at 00. After 00 nothing good turns out. Because how often have you felt after 00 is the peak? Very ware for me.
inbakade oliver
The olives with västenbotten cheese.

The recipe in English:

1 1/2 cups flour
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons water 2 cups grated Västerbotten
1 can of seedless green olives (240-300 g)

Preheat the oven to 200 °. Working together flour, cayenne pepper, butter and water. Turn in Västerbottensost. Take a small piece of dough in your hand and flatten, put an olive in the middle and make a shell of dough around the olive. Add bundles on a plate with baking paper. Bake for about 15 minutes. Let cool a few minutes before serving.

So much food


Well, I am so glad of all the food.
There were too much food and great people. I met new students from all over Europe. The feeling of want to travel all over Europe to met local people and experience more culture. There are so many countries I have never visit specially the east and the south of Europe. I have heard the east Europe are the best country for some meat dishes.
At the food party I tried home made sushi, pizza, Okra ball, German sweet, and Turkish drink (tasted like buttermilk).

Do you know what you do?

The picture explain how I feel right now.

Tired with a less pleasant look. I am dead.

The reason, somehow every single person had deiced to go out and party. In Sweden and many other countries party means be drunk. Therefor we had allot of customers, some were drunk. That drunk when they can not stand still, stink of alcohol and have problem to diced and be rude. Pure rudeness.

Also, I have to say, I am thankful I do not drink. No alcohol at all. A reason is nothing good comes with alcohol. My preference is I should be able to talk to the people I feel for and about proper topics. Alcohol is not a social drink, for me alcohol is the opposite of social drink. To be social the person have to know the context, but with alcohol the person do not care about the context. On top of that, the person lose social norms and embers themselves.
I have to point out, I do not want to be around with people with alcohol. I feel, I can not trust them, a reason it becomes much harder to predict how they might act.

With alcohol people act in the same way as animals. People start to act based on the instincts and not logical or creative or for the further.
A common reason to drink alcohol is, “when I drink, I can speak to anyone, I am not afraid”. Well, if a person want to talk to stranger, the person can start to do it without alcohol. The reason is, the person know what he/she want to do. So, change the behavior. Nothing harder than that.
But to make alcohol look better, is the worst thing a person can do. The person do not only lie to them self but also to the society. Because nothing, absolute nothing good comes with alcohol.

Also, the next day the person

Party party


A stressful day at work and I needed to work an hour extra. The man customers were dressed up and not too drunk.
Great time to find a note on the door about a party at my floor. In my apartment I could hear them sing jump like I was in the same room.
Thank God, at 00:30 neighbor called on the door and asked when will the stop.
Normally, my building is very peaceful.

But it is not fun to find a party on the same floor and after a day work.