Travel around the world


Who new this lake is located in US or was it Canada? I did not till my friend send this photo to me. For me the lake look like it is in a warm exotic country and not US or Canada. Anyway, this place is something I wish to visit. The water and the trees around make everyhting so beautiful.


How would not go? The time is 7:30 in the morning right now, and throw my window the only thing I can see is grey! Where is the life and color? This is why Sweden is horrible during the fall/winter just like Indian mosson period! ūüėÄ

A great thing with Whatsapp

Becasue of many of my friends are not in Sweden and it is impossible to call them all the time. I am really glad to have whatsapp. Not only because of the easy why to send text but also picture’s. My friends and me are changing picture sometimes and I trully love to see how other countries are looking. For example, I get photos from India (well, surprise, surprise…), Hong Kong, Saudi and other more from India. How great is it? I love that.



This two photos are taken in Hong Kong. I do not know what to say beside, this is nothing like Stockholm. If I ever wnat to visit Hong Kong I have to have friend living there, but I do not want to visit Hong Kong alone, without knowing anyone there. The reason is very simple, Hong Kong is too different from Stockholm.

I got photoshop

Wow, I can not understand I got photoshop from my brother. This is crazy. However, the program is in English therefore I am a bit lost. On top of that, I do not even know what all the tools stand for and so on. Why is photoshop so hard to use? Or more right to say, why is it hard to start using all the tools right?

Well, on the other side, now I can start to play around with my photos, if I learn how photoshop works better and translate the englsih words to swedish.

The photo is taken for some weeks ago. I thpught it was funny to see all the people standing in Kungsträdgården and taking photos on the flowers.

I wish I had more photos

I have realized how important it is to make backup on all the important part, I am talking about photos. Yes, I keep the photos on my computer, external hard drive and some on a cloud. However, there is something missing to have all the photos digital. This actually holding the photos and look at them, be able to hold them in front of you.


On the other side, by experiences I have lost half of all my photos from 2010-11 and therefore I have to print out the most important photos and put in a photo album. Sight, so much to do. On the other side, I do not want to have too many albums with old photos. Well what to do?


Jump higher

When I met my friend we tried to take jump picture because it is not the easiet thing to do. Or more right to say, it is easier to take a jump picture with  cut hand, leg and so on. However, to get a jump picture perfect, with the right colors, frozen and so on, is much harder.

However, my friend has this reallly great and good camera. The camera take clear picture with strong colors. Why can I not have his camera?

Well, the expressen on the face is really funny. The person has 100 % focus on the ground. I remember I thought, I shall not spread every body part and make a harder for my friend to take the photo. I remember when I landed, my back strated to pain, which is not a good sign. Am I getting old to jump or am I doing everything worng?

Today, won’t be so excited day, work from 8-5 and then build the wardrobe from IKEA. This will be fine! Build a wardobe from IKEA, everytime it is a communication, patience practice. So, I hope you will enjoy this lovely sunny sunday more then me.



Yesterday during my walk I passed Kungsträdgården and a red church. Outside the church there is a small tree.
The tree took my attention. So beautiful.

Homework two, my breakfast


Banana pancake

I decided to try to make banana pancake for the first time. The recipes I had a look on, had vanilla sugar in the mixture. The mixture is already sweet due to the banana and to add vanilla sugar make the mixture even sweeter. Therefore I decided to skip he vanilla sugar.
So in the end my mixture was made of

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs

To add extra and freshness I had banana and apple on the side. Also, the problem is the pancake was a bit greyish, however, the pancake did taste good.