Friday evening cuddle

Yesterday was a long day with limited amount of sleep. We manage to arrange a comfortable evening at my parents house. The whole family was at home and made homemade pizza. _MG_9336

The pizza dough was already bought, so we skiped by making our own dough. But we did the topping is after our taste. The pizza had wildmeat on one side with mozzarella, tomatoes and on the other side clams, mushrooms and mozzarella. THe waiting time was only 15 munites and the pizza was flooded with water from the mozzarella and the tomatoes. However, the pizza turn out amazing!


The pizza was so good!

It is Sunday!

Good morning!

Today is sunday and the time passing by way too fast. Last night I got some funny mess from a friend.
He was wondring why is pizza circle and is packed sqare boxes and the slizes are triangles. The question was why how come.
I have no clue, I think making a pizza is easier in sqare than in circle. But what do I now?
My replay was, why is chapati circle while naan bread has a totaly different shape. The only time chapati is not in a cicle is when a amateur making chapati, than chapati look more like India or Australia.


Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza is probably the best pizza ever. During my 22 years old I have made pizza for 4 times.
However, the pizza topping should be much more then the pizza on the photo, double of everything. The beauty of homemade is to deiced everything. There for I am wondering why do not I have a own? Why….

Today, again I needed to work an half hour extra. But today was a good day, nice customers and as always lovely co-workers.
Also, tomorrows’ plan is studying, decorate my apartment and also visit my parents.

Pizza pizzzzza

Okay so I was may be not for the best help, at least my friend borrowing my book. Hopefully we understand MU/P.
Also, we we made awesome pizza and something different from meat loaf. I am getting sick of meat loaf and need something new for some days.

dinner with a friend

WP_000446 (2)

So, today has been a long and less good day. My door locked me out and I needed to call a professional came over and opened and fixed my door.
However, after 6 hour locked out I could finally have my food.

With a pretty bad day, I do hope my evening will turn out better then my day. My friend has invited me for dinner, homemade pizza and help her with micro economics.
Let see if I remember anything from micro.

Baby pizza?


Wow, I do know where the day went. Who cares? Specially when I have good company.
We went to a cafe near to CCD. Cafe Milano (second time there for me).
The time passed by so fast, at one moment the time was 2 and next time my clock showed 5… Where did the time go?…
However, we sat and spoke about everything. From our firsts days in India and the the last days in Goa.
The Goa trip is a trip I won´t forget.

At the cafe they have allot of diffirent hot and cold drinks, but also food. There for, at 5ish we ordered our lunch. My lunch was not speciel a green salad, but my friend ordered a pizza. The pizza was so cute and I do not know, but I just needed to take a photo on the pizza.
Btw, very taste pizza, much better then pizza hut and dominoes thick, small, horrible pizzas.



We went to this restaurant in KP, Darios.
My friend told me during Christmas they have people signing Christmas carols. The restaurant has a inside and outside part. The outside part of the restaurateur has “umbrella” and trees and lights.
One of the dish´s we got was veg-pizza. The pizza had cheese, sundry tomatoes and pepper. Of course when you are in India they have oregano and chilli flakes to add on the pizza.

Today´s plan is to go to the Pune derby with some friends and then go to my host family.