Do you dear to try?

The clock is after 11 pm and I am not tired… Or I was deadly tired at 8 pm but instead of going to bed I went to the gym. Well, may be it was not the best idea, however it feels so good to be there. To forget everything and relax. The freedom of getting away.

Tomorrows plan is to do a homework and at 11 am is a very important meeting about my dyslexia. Time to get ready and read a book and pack my bag for tomorrows activites. Also, I have to study a lot.


The freedom at Gröna Lund.

One par is out and other is in

I have realized my shoes collection has mostly only black high heels or any form of high heels. Which means, I have too few of flat shoes and that is too enjoying because it is hard to walk longer distance in heels.
Also, I have been to lazy to buy new flats. The reason is very simple, why should I buy new shoes when I will not be in Sweden for so much longer then a year more. It is crazy how fast the time moves on. Therefore, I do not want to spend money on new clothes, bags or shoes, because they will last for a period and I m going to face huge problems next May.


Instead of buying, I asked my mom if she has any par of shoes for me. Lucky me she had. Blue and  colorful shoes. On top of that, they are so extremely comfortable to walk in and you do not really feel you wear any shoes. Well, this shoes will mostly only last this summer, because of the material but on the other hand, they are perfect summer shoes.


Cute shoes for sure.

Barbeque nation tonight

Yes, my friend and I are going to have barbeque for dinner. If I am excited? Yes. Do I like barbeque? Yes, yes. Will it be good weather? Yes, only because of good spring weather we are going to have barbeque.
I do not even remember when the last time I had grilled food. To sit on the deck with the sun on the face and eat something really good. The food might be hotdogs, or meat or something vegetarian. I do not care because it is barbequed!

Also, what is great about my GMAT books, well it turn out I do not need them anymore, due to my plan is fixed and that college II am going to apply for do not require GMAT. While for my friend need the books and will buy them from me! Good, good and good. So we will do business over a meal. Hahaha

I thought I knew what I wanted

Sometimes I think I know what I want how to reach the aim. Something like a great “master” plan. But, then in the end I getting lost and try to rethink and everything ends up with a new “mater” plan. So in the end I think I have had around 3 different master plans during this year after coming back home from India.
Well, now I have a new master plan and for sure I will not change the plan (I hope). The thing is I have been thinking about it for a very long time, but have been too scared to say it or tell my parents that I want to go to an other country then Canada for my studies. How on earth would my families react on that statement?

But also, may be I was scared to really say it load to myself. With realizing I know what I truly want to do, or where to go for my studies. On top of that, I might have been scared to follow my dreams ,but at the same time, that is what I have done all the time with my studies, more or less. For example when I applied for scholarship for a year exchange and to live in India during 2010-2011 with Indian families (I am very thankful to Rotary). For the application I managed everything by myself, for example do the research,  fill in the forms, send the documents and everything. Then, when I decided to study BBA, none forced me, I wanted to study, without any gap year. After two years in Sweden I become bored and very homesick and missed my families and friends in India, so for my studies in India during 2013-2014 was handled by myself and on top of that I am very thankful for baba’s help.
In the end, I made my educational road to come true. So why should I not do the same with my master? I should do what I want and not to follow what everyone else do in Sweden.

Well, I know now my parents are okay with my new plan. My mom said, go for it, i support you to 100 % (is that not the greatest thing to hear from a parent or I am very proud of you?). While my dad has been more neutral about my plan.  May be my dad think I will change my mind, but sorry dad, I will not.

Photo from 2010/11 – our tour to the north of India. We was at a temple, jain and after a long journey in a bus. Great time with amazing friends from all around the world.

I can not wait

Well, most people having holiday from today to Tuesday, well that is not in my case.
I am right now in college and waiting on my college friend, who is stuck in the traffic. Well, beside we are going to study and it is snowing right now (where did the spring go?). My evening plan is to go and eat momos (dumplings) and watch a movie. We have not decided which movie yet and we do not which restaurants are open!
That is my plan for today.

This dumplings are from Wakamama, not that good. A bit disappointed because we ordered steam and as you can see they have been fried…

Tralala, future or no future

I love talking about future plans, where to go, what to do and also listen on my friends plans. Well, more right to say, I enjoy listing to my friends with a goal and aims, the people who want to do something more then just work after BBA. In my ears work after BBA sounds like they think they can get a good job and start to build a life in Sweden and have a typical “Swedish-family” life. A typical “Swedish-life” is to have a house, kids, a job from 9-5, a Volvo and of course a dog. Already now, some of my college friends are talking about where to buy a house and they are only a year older then me. Scary and nothing for me at all. I have no clue were ever it is a good idea to buy a house or a flat.
Well, on the other side, I think it is interesting to think how different people plans about the future and wants different things.
Well, I might be the person who think way to much about the future, but that is who I am. Without any aims, I would be very lost and have huge problem to see where my current situation will lead me. I need aims to orient myself. of course the aims changes over time, but the main points do not change they are the same. For example the main aim is I want to study more after BBA but wherever I want to study MBA or Master, that might change till the time I have to apply.

Before November, I have to have an answer

Sometimes when I am looking back over the past years, there are things which I wish I could change or experience everything again. But, the thing is, what ever has happened is in the passed and the major point is to not make the same mistake again. Learn for the pass, but that is easier said then done.
In my case, if someone tells me do not do like that, I should try with an other way. Still, I have to try in the first way to experience how wrong it went and then try in an other way. Only because the person MIGHT be wrong.  I have to explore by myself and try the way I think is right before I follow an advice.
I wish I can explore thanks giving (never been in America during thanks giving), Holi (again), Diwali, Christmas, some friends birthdays and much more. And grow, grow and learn new culture and traditions.

Sweden and I are in the end of our relationship, (soon?) we will have a pause or a break up for sometimes. So both of us can relax and get energy for a meeting in the future. During the pause, I want to visit a new place for studies, somewhere else, anywhere else, beside India. The reason is, India and I have a hate/love relationship. We can stand each other for a month or so, but a year would be harder. Still India is calling me everyday, oh, how much I miss my families and friends in India.
I am so lost right now, the dead line is November, before November I have to have better answer then, I need a break from Sweden.

Searching and searching but can not decied

I am trying to find which universities are good and the requirements. There is a huge and deep sea with universities and I have not any good knowledge of universities abroad beside the very top universities. But they are more or less impossible to be accepted. There for I am looking for other good universities but my lack of knowledge does not help me at all to judge were other the university is good or not. I am using international ranking sides and try to read about the universities. But, still I am lost.
Also, if I apply to 5 universities I have to pay a administration fees around 100 euro for each university. Due to the situation I have to be sure about which universities I want to apply to.
Let see, let see, nothing is sure.
In the end I might just be in Sweden… Who knows?
Has anyone tips?

What dish shall i make?

This upcoming Saturday is my work free evening and there for I am planing to make some new dish or more right try to make. I have not decided what I want to make, my wish is to make enough food for the up coming days. But, what can I keep in the refrigerator?
First I thought lets make dosa! But realized that dish has to be fresh, to taste good. There for impossible to make it this weekend.
Then I thought, dumplings/momos, I love it and have not had it for long time and on top of that, NEVER done it before.
The third option is stuff vine leaves, a taste dish and again NEVER done the dish before. I have read how to make it and thought I have to make it one day.
The fourth is to make simple pasties, I have made that before and turn out good.

Well, what shall I make? I want to make something new which I have not tried before.

Or I might try to make something I have done before and something new.
I.e cook pasties and something else Japanese soup?

Arabic and paper


The plan for today is not decided. More right to say is Arabic class and afternoon is not final yet. Probably studies and some sort of baking. My plan is to make nuts and dry fruits bread.Also,Before the Arabic I have to try to start to write a PM for the research paper.
I hope you will get some more rest then me.