Friday, last day of the week

Good Morning!
I hope you had a good sleep.

In my case, I lept like a baby and did not want to leave the bed when a alarm started. Yesterday evening I thought it was going to be a early evening, but of course the time passed by too fast whie I was searching where I had put a gift. You know the feeling of the gift is located on a good spot, but where is the good spot.


Anyways, todays’ time table is simple, Studies to 10-11 and than gym for 35-45 minutes. Back home even more studies till 5 or 6ish and PS4 night at a friend’s place. Yes, I am really excited to ply PS4, I have not tried it yet.

Happy Friday and black friday! 🙂

What shall I do during a semester?

I have been think for some time how to apply for a master program. Also if student in the university get advantage in the administration process or not. So, today after the meeting with my group, I passed by study and vocational guidance and got bad news.
As a student at this university I won´t get any advantage, also all the master programs are starting in the fall semester and I will be done after a year, after next Christmas. One semester without any plans before Master program is starting. So shall I do an internship, work, study? Also WHERE?!

Now I am rethinking, changing plans and need to speak to my parents. Brainstorming!
Then I thought I might can do an internship in India…
India and me are having special relationship. India is my home, I might say I feel more at home in India then in Sweden. Sweden is a break for relaxing and collecting energy.
So what shall I do after my BBA?….


Never give up

I am a person how need plans to enjoy my life. Plans for my future, which make me work for and just aim high.
Sometimes I have to change the plans, because of my situation changes, but still the aim is high and almost the same. Might say the plan A become a 2.0 update.

Some might say I am not free due to the plan,But I would say to live a life without plans is to live in jail. There is hard to focus and try to move a step vertical instead of horizontal. My plans is made by myself, I have chose my aims by myself, by my own freedom.

My freedom to great my aims. Some are for 1-2 years ahead some other are are for 5-10 years ahead.
May be there is the reason why I love India, My own life need to be organize and clear, while the society, people around me can be in a chaos. The mix of organize with chaos.

Most important almost everything is possible to aim. Sometimes we need to do 2.0 updates on our first plans. But do not get scared of the the long way before the aim is reached. Hard work pays off, and it feels amazing. Freedom!
The happiness and freedom I can feel in the photo. A jump in Rajasthan’s desert. My aim to study for a year abroad, and I came to India 2010 and 2013.

Now, I have to work hard to aim my new aims, but I will succeed!

Last day

pans for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is my last day to be in Pune, alone. The reason is on 19th my family from coming is coming.
So, tomorrow is a busy day.
I have to finish my last packing, go to college and make a video about my year and go to the gym and at last, I m going to meet my friend.
My friend and I are going for dinner near ABC farm. Then at 11 pm we are going for a movie. The movie is a horror movie and I hate, absolutely dislike horror movies. Why I do not like is because I get too scared.