what a morning

good morning! I wish you had much better morning than me. Because I manage to apply makeup, everything beside mascara! How is it possible? I got lipstick with me but forgot mascara. Right now I am feeling a bit stupid. Anyways have this happens to you too? _MG_9196

Bodybalance for today

I have not been to a bodybalance workout for sometime but today I fianlly attened a work out. My body feels like it has become 10 cm taller. Anyway, the bodybalance is not heavy workout but streaching out some part of the body is easy to forget that we have. One other thing I like with bodybalance it is the balacne part, to concentrate on your inner part of the body. To be able to concentrate on me right here and now. I am guessing everyone need me-time and today was the bodybalance mine me-time.

Now, of to my parents house. Have a lovely day

Easy to see a girl is getting ready


Before the party just like any other girl, I needed to get ready with a shower, dress up, pack my bag with indoor heels and so on. However, I am facing a bit of a problem with where to stay while to applying my makeup. I do not have table for my makeup also there is a issue. Therefor when i am applying makeup I next to my window standing or sitting on the flooer. This time In the end I was sitting on the floor with a limited amount of my makeup around me while the rest was next to the window.
I used black, dark brown eyeshadow and other, also super red lipstick. The very last of my eyeliner before it went in to the basket and also I needed to throw 2 mascaras becasue they were empty! Thank God I had some extra mascaras at home, that is why girls need a lot of extra mascars eyeliner and so on, so both eyes can get mascars or eyeliner.
Best to say, I did NOT leave my flat in this condition, More right, the mess was gone and some makeup was with me just in case the makeup needed to fill in and so on.

Sleepless night once again, this is my new thing!

May be this situation is because of myself and none else. But, I wish I could blame on someone else than on myself. First of all, I had coffee way too late for my own best. second I was at the gym at 9:30-10:20 pm, and at last, I am having tea right now.
The thing is, I had a early night last night (I slept at 10 pm which is very unusual).
The time is 11:15 and it feels like I can go to the gym one more time. Why does this happen? This is second time that I can not sleep on time. Also, there is somethings on my mind which I can not stop thinking which is nagging me more than ever.


So may be in the end I can not sleep is not because of the gym, coffee or the tea and all comes down to my mind. THis feeling of wanna speak up or change something but do not know how. Well, I have to wait till the time arrives.
Now, I am listning on The Fray and relaxing. Life is too funny sometime.

Sometimes it is not working


Well there is elk in the way and any way I tried to get on the back I could not. Either it was to high up or I had too much on me such a back protection, three layers of pants etc.
Any way, sometimes things are ment to be tried and be a failure. The only thing I can do is to learn and try to ignore the big elk in the way or try an other methods.
We are half way in the week! 😀

A slice for me and you


What a day. It feels like the days with bad news does not end. Not only can not my friend and I manage a skype evening. But now I got to know, the dress won’t arrive till the Diwali festival. I had so much hope to get my dress on time. May be that is the thing, timings are not the strongest side for many people. Therefore I have to look on my old dresses what to wear and I am totally lost. One thing is for sure, I can not wear a black dress for Diwali. The festival for light!
Any way, this is a small issue.

It is Sunday!

Good morning!

Today is sunday and the time passing by way too fast. Last night I got some funny mess from a friend.
He was wondring why is pizza circle and is packed sqare boxes and the slizes are triangles. The question was why how come.
I have no clue, I think making a pizza is easier in sqare than in circle. But what do I now?
My replay was, why is chapati circle while naan bread has a totaly different shape. The only time chapati is not in a cicle is when a amateur making chapati, than chapati look more like India or Australia.


Better to not give any comments

Is it only me who prefer to get comments about my work, knowledge or skills than about my appearance, about my size or my eyes more right about my look. Seriuously, the only people who can give a comments about the look is my very very good friends or family but still it makes me very uncomfortable. Because everybody are beautiful and can look relly good, but not everyone can for example, draw really good or be a good speaker. To develope skills is much harder than knowing how to aply make up which help the eyes to stand out. Would I get the same comment without make up? Well, honestly I do not think so.
In my world the valueof knowledge, skills, personality are much more important and harder to see sometimes than the look. So, if anyone gives a comment about a speach can absolutly make the day or a week.


Oh no

Oh yes, it is the season of sickness…. I have felt how the cold has arrived in my body. The throat is hurting and coughing. How will I be able to  work out tomorrow evening if I am like this now? Damn fall. Not only the weather is getting worst for every day and now I have to be sick…. Not okay

application time

Wow, so much work to do. I do not know where to start sometimes.
Should I write my personal letter, statment or search more? What is the most important part to high light? What does the university want? Is my IELTS too old? What will my marks be in the end? WIll I be able to leave Stockholm in the end? Where will my master bring me? Sometimes, it is better to not to think about everything and just focus on one part. That part is right now to write my letter. I have to get it done and after the letter, to collect all the other documents.

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But, may be the big deal is what is the price for the education. The price can include so much more than money. If I go aborad, which I have been dreaming about for sometime now. What is the price for my education. I mean, what is price in job opertunity, happines, relationship with family and friends, culture also language. What will I gain with the MBA from this country compare to the other country. There are so many things depending on two years of MBA studies. I have been thinking and rethinking what is the best solution. The best solution is may be is to follow my feelings. Also, to never forget to look forward instead of backward. When the docment is online, the application fees is paid, I have no way else than to go. The only option is to keep on walking.