A new cream


When I visited India during December, my friends and I went to Forest Essentials store in Pune. I would say the store is little bit a like Bodyshop, but better. At least the store provide a luxury feeling. In the store I bought body oil and a lip bomb. However, at the Mumbai‚Äôs airport, I had around 3000 rupees left and needed to spend them. So, once again I visited the store and found this lovely cream. The cream has a rich sense of roses. But, when I passed the security check, they needed to test the cream and run a scanner. During that time I was not sure if they would say, sorry ma’am you can not bring the cream on the plane. Well, as it turn out, I got the cream to Sweden.
The box, is really sweet and might be good to keep it with my perfume.

Hair, hair and hair

I wish I was better to take care of my hair. Just the little extra. To have the energy to apply good hair condition. The thing is, my hair get really fast dry and horrible. Sometimes it happens my hair get some coconut, but not enough.
However, yesterday my hairdresser complain that I really need to take care of my hair better. Well, I guess it is time to change my bad habit and be better to take care of my hair. How hard can it be?
So, next appointment I have do buy a product for dry hair. But till then, I will try to use this conditioner. I found it in my bathroom behind all my lotions. I do not know how good the product is, but what do I have to lose? Nothing really…
Also, I have figure out my scalp is a bit dry too. Therefore I can not use the normal shampoos and instead I have started to use ACO shampoo for dry scalp and also bought a cream to massage in after shower. I can tell you this, ACO products are working for me. I can use them and afterwords my hair and scalp feels good.
However, I have to be better to take care of my hair… Sight… so much to take care of nowadays, easier when I was younger, hahaha.