My heels my love

Thank you all for a lovely Diwali!
Anyway, this post is about my high heels. This was the second time for me to use this heels, I can not relly say this has been my best heels. The reason is, the heels are too high and not very comfortable. On the other side, the heels are so so beautiful and I truly love them. The shoes are from Phoneix mall at Tresmode, I think I got the shose in 2012 during my summer break.

Stupid sign in SGS mall


I remember this time very well. My friends and I went to Camp to spend some time in SGS mall. What do we meet when we step in side the mall? yes, this big bander “girls love six packs”. You can understand what a big surprise and shock we got. In india where it is impossible to speak about it, movie are being censure. And just infront of us is this all about the big sensative topic with a bad joke. Anyway, as a tourist we took our cameras because when will we see a sign like this again?

I can say like this, I have never seen a sign for durex in India every since our vist at SGS mall. The sign must have happen by mistake, or bad bit anything. But this was not a normal sign in India or any other country.

Even if you can not I am going

So, in November, I am going to plan my trip in India. I know there will be three stops. The stops are Mumbai most likely stay at a friends place in Bandra. There is a place I wish to go to and it is of course Cafe leopold. I have to no questions alone or with friends. Only becasue of the books I read, too famous place to skip.

Than in Pune, I am going to stay at my friends and families houses. I do not have any pecial wishes beside I wish to have chaat and spend times with them. Also, I want to go out to kue bar and oakwood. So, dresses and high hees are going in the bag.

The best part with this trip is I am going to Goa. I need the sun, and the heat. There are no questions about that. But, I would not dear to travel alone to Goa, I can fly alone in India, but not travel alone in Bus or train. That is too risky in my eyes. I know some girls have done backpacking alone in India, but I do not want to take any risks.
However, hopefully my dear friend is free so we can travel to Goa, and be on the beach, eat good and enjoy the time in Goa without drugs. I am sure it is possible to enjoy Goa without harming the body.

I have skipped all sort of harmfull things in Goa and had a great time, the only thing you need in the end is good company. A and O is the company everything.

Kelwan 419

Goa, are you ready?

Project for photos

So wired, for months my external hard drive has not worked. Instead of working it has given the sadness little sound when ever I plug it in to my computre. Therefore I went to my brother to get help and guess what, at my brother’s place the external driver worked without any problem and when I came home it worked again! That is why technique is not my cup of tea. Also, thenique should not have they own life, but they do. So wired, and irritating!
However, I got most of my photos, but the worst part, a lot of my photos are still missing. A lot. photos for 6 months in India is gone. When I’m thinking about it, I get a huge pain. But, at least I have the memories left… But may be, just may be, my brother can find the photos on my old hard drive from a very dead laptop. But, who knows.

This is a photo from last year. When my friend and I was waiting on the local buss. Well, I would say it is not hard to take bus in Pune especially when it is not the rush hour. On the other side during rush hour, none should take the bus, because during that time it is horrible. Everyone in the bus are packed like sardines in a cane and also during that time the safety is limited. The control over the situation is limited.
Well, for example when I wanted to travel with the bus was a little bit of a challenge. I avoid the buss during rush over for my safety.
I could not read or speak in Marathi and on the other hand the workers had a very limited vocabulary in English. So our communication was based on simple words in our languages most of the times and body language. I could say, Sir, excuse me, bus to Deccan and made the question mark with my hand. The respond was often, the man showed and pointed out on which bus to take. So my statement is the workers were helpful. They made sure I got the right bus and the conductor made sure I got a seat on women side of the bus.  Also, I have met the worker who has not cared to help me, but then it is just to go the next one and the next one till someone is able to help.
In the end, many of the stories in the media shows often one view of India . But, not everyone on the street or in the bus is bad. No, the media has painted India to be dark country without colors. I agree India can become even better, and it is good media write about the problems India is facing, so India get bigger pressure to change the current situation. On the other side,  I wish media could sometime change the view, or at least  write about how groups in India are working on changing the norms and situations.

The very last, I might not be the right person to write about this sort of things. Because I am not an Indian and right now I am not living in India. But, I felt I needed to write about it. Also the very last, Mumbai and Pune are not like New Delhi and people are different in this three cities.

Some people are still there

When I was in Pune for the first time in 2010, my friends and I met some homeless people living on the street for example at Swargate, the bus station. We were asked each other for how many years have the person been living on the street and how old is he/she/it. We could not answer the questions.
There for when I came back both in 2013 and last Christmas, guess who I saw? If not one of the homeless people in Swargate. Is that not crazy, same person, some cloth (if you can call the bag as cloth). But the same person was a live. It was a wired feeling to see it. Because, that person is one of the few I remember from the street.

Well, I have change the header, because I got bored with the old one. Also, how cool is not a country with pink men?!
I can add, I am dying to go back to Pune and be able to drive a two wheeler and not use the local bus or auto. The men on the photo is not the same one as the person I wrote in the text.

Here comes dumplings


For some days ago I went out with a friend, we ordered a huge order of dumplings. Dumplings with pork, beef, duck and salmon. Well, the sadness part was, non of them tasted as good as the “seven sisters” dumplings in Viman Nagar. I do not know how they make the dumplings at Seven sisters. But man, they taste like heaven.
This dumplings in Sweden, was a bit dry, but pork dumpling was the best and the salmon was less good.

Also, I feel a bit irritaded, I woke up an hour too early by myself and could not fell asleep afterwords. Guess if I am going to be a sunshine after work.

I said I was not going to buy any new shoes…


This high heels are my very first red heels and of course I bought them in India, during christmas. My friend and I went to Camp on 24th if I remember right, in the evening 8-9 ish and I have never seen that amount of crowed before. It was impossible to walk and everyone stopped to take photos with the santa. However, my friends and I went to Kue bar at Westin some nights before new years eve. Normally, when I go out, I use high heels, just like every other girls. There I needed to get a par, even after my plans were not to get any more shoes and bags. But in India, I should not wear too high heels, the red par are too high. The reason is very simple, I was the tallest person at the club. At the dance floor I could actully see a sea of heads, but not the peoples faces. So, in the end of the evening, my friends requested me to remove the heels to be on almost the same level as them. Of course I was still taller, but less.

The funniest part during the evening at Westin, kue bar, was we met a Indian guy speaking the worst fake American accent. He asked why are Indians so obsess with two-wheelers, in my country, and much more things. But, common, the worst thing is Indians with pure fake accent and on top of that being the loudest person in the place. He was insane, he was talking about crap, that India is not that great, that “everything can kill you, and you realizing that while you are study medicine and there for you should smoke up or at least drink”. How stupid can a man be?

The 24th of December was amazing

Well, not only was I in India and traveled from Mumbai to Pune without any problems.
This Christmas was maybe one of the best Christmas for many years. Some of the reasons are, I did not have any Christmas anguish, was in warm weather, met my best friend. My friend picked me up with her car and we finally met after 8 months. She is my angel.
Our first plan was to go out, but her family wanted us to be back home at 10 pm, which is understandable. There for our plan changed and we traveld to KP for one of the best places for street food. My feeling was, forget the Christmastime ham, herrings, meatballs. This is the perfect Christmas eve food and environment. Standing on the sidewalk with all the traffic around. Just enjoying the evening with the best friend with shared love for street food.

The journey from Pune to Mumbai

For the first time I did not cry while saying good bye to my friends, family and India.
Instead, I had a wired feelings of I am so coming back and there for no reason to cry. However, when I am back in India is a good question.

The journey back started in a less good way. The taxi company KK travels was full booked. KK travels is a good effective transportation agency between Mumbai and Pune. With good drivers and passengers, the cost is 950 rupees (share cab with other people) and the journey is 4-6 h depending on the traffic and if you are the first or last person to be dropped.
In my case, I was surprised how easy it was so find KK travels at the airport and to find my name in the list. Also, they drop you at your address. Very good.
Instead of KK travels my friend tried to find other company but it was impossible to find share cab. So it ended up we booked a cab to Pune railway station and from there find cool cab. Cool cab is prepay travel agency. The best part is, the customer pay in advance and there for does not need to think about meters and if the driver take a long way and traffic jams.
But, as we found out, cool cab does not have share cab and a cab with AC would have cost me 2300 rupees. As my friend was going to pay, we met two men who were going to Mumbai international airport. So it ended up we three people booked a cab and shared the cost. I do not think the drivers liked us, but who cares?
The whole journey went smoothly, without any problems. Beside the traffic jams in Mumbai, pure pain. I think only Mumbai journey took 2 hours. At the airport one of the men allowed me to call my friend to inform all went well and 15 hours flight was waiting for me.

cool cab, is not that cool…

Christmas eve food

Here we did not have the typical Christmas ham, potatoes, meat balls or herring.
No, no, no instead my dear friend took me out to KP and we ate pani puri, bhel, SPDP and saw the traffic jam.
While having the street food next to the horns, pollutions, chats and crowed, my mind was finally peaceful. I have not enjoyed this much for a long period of time. There is something which India has and not Sweden. While Sweden has other good qualities.

So far my stomach is fine! high five, I might be able to eat the street food without any problems. keeping my fingers cross.