Hot little India

Yesterday evening my friend and I went to Indian resturant to have dinner. As always the biggest question is which place serve good food. This place is located on Sveavägen in Stockholm and calls Hot little India.

My friend got a hot dish but not too hot, the dish hotness suites the name of the place. While, my dish was not at all hot and had the name chilli chicken korma, there was no chilli. But both dishes together tasted really good, a good mixed of hot and creamly. Sadly I did not take any photo. The biggest drawback was the naan bread. Somehow the bread tasted like the naan bread from the food store. however  the main dishes were really good!
This might be the best Indian restaurant so far.

The photo is from tripadvisor

A call

Out of no way I got a call yesterday from my family if I wanted to meet them up for dinner. They called me at the right time, becasue I was on the way to prepare dinner for me. So it ended up I needed to take a fast shower, change clothes, put on some make up in 5 minutes. I managed.
We went to Aubergine on Linnégatan. The food was very good and very popular place have dinner at.
My dish was fish and it was very bif portion, but good. So, if I can I would like to visit Aubergine once again.

Phil’s Burger

Today was not a normal day. After a long time my family and I went out for dinner. For weeks I have passed this place and felt the amazing sens of food. Therefore I decided we needed to visit the place.
Phil’s has bar and open to 1 am and is very charmful. I would say a more of clean and cold room bu at the same time comfort with the candles.
The menu is not big but has the options of veg and non-veg also small and bigger burgers.
WP_20150915_18_55_49_Rich_LI WP_20150915_18_55_54_Rich_LI

good for them who drink


In Klövsjö, near Vemdalen has a micro brewery with homemade beer. The beer does not sell in Systembolaget, due to the rules. However, the owner of KGB sells to local places such as Storhogna hotel and other places. Well, I have not tried KGB becasue I do not drink, but from other people the beer is good. The owner has givien the names on the beers after agents which are not very well known, at least for me. So, every beer has the own story which is very nice to hear listen to.
Also, KBG has the a restaurant with local food from Jämtland. The thing with the restaurant the guests need to order in advance.

reindeer heart and elk nose

A restaurant located at nowhere in the mounting area have got white wine diploma for three years in road. The restaurant is using local products and is very famous for the food. Normally, the customers need to call in advance to book a table and the dishes. This restaurant can take up to around 24 people and very calm, relaxing and fresh in Glen which is in a Sami area. The nature is incredible and breathe taking, in my opinion.

Well, we all had a great meal at the restaurant and I must say the dish I ordered was the weirdest dish I have ever tried before, but also very tasty.
The dish was made of reindeer heart and on the very top the dish had elk nose. Yes, elk nose meat, I have never tried that meat before. The meat was nothing which I thought, in my mind I thought the nose meat would be hard and not that juicy but I could not have been more wrong. The meat, was rich in flavor, soft and juicy, may be the best part of the whole elk!

Todays’ plan

We are going for fishing and trying our luck to get a fish. But, if I not too negative, my doubs are very high. Due to pass experiences with fishings with very low pay off with fishes.
However, fishing can be very nice and relaxing if the company is good and my company is with great people. After the fishing we are going to a resturant located at Glen. The resturant is own by sami.
Well, I can only say, this will be a good day!


Indian dinner out

Yesterday evening my friend and me went out for dinner. We had the common problem of decided what to order. The biggest problem in my case is I know how the dish taste in India but not in Sweden.

However, I decided to order sheekh kebab, that really tasty meat. Did, I like the dish? Yea, but still I am missing the resturant marrakech  in pune.

_MG_8911 _MG_8912

The wired part is, all the salad on the meat, also, the sauce. Normally the sauce is mint and not the same as masala chicken. Strange.