Dinner at home

The new homework is to take 3-5 photos and present “my Stockholm”, but what is my Stockholm. I do not know, yet. Also, I can not say I want to go out to take photos due to the weather.
But what is Stockholm for me?

  • Espresso house
  • My family
  • K25
  • Green
  • Rain
  • Friends
  • My apartment
  • Few people
  • Studies

We are not allowed to take photos on the city hall, because we have seen photos on the City hall too many times.

Yesterday, I met up a friend and we took a walk to Slussen and then headed home to cook and bake.

For dinner we made dumplings (yea, I am very weak for dumplings) then we made rhubarb pie. The rhubarbs for this year are incredible.


I know, the color is not right on the photo, but I can not really change.. But the dough is easy to make.

  •  2 dl floor
  • 100 g of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of suggar

Mix everything with your fingers and then spread the dough over the rhubarbs, appels or anything form of fruits. The oven tempratur is 225 degreese and let the pie be in the oven for 30 mintues.

lunch with a friend

Well for The first time to be at Vapiano. Everytime i have passed any vapiano it has been crowded. vapiano has a nice concept, Cook the food infornt of the customer. the problem is the Cues can be long and there for long wait time to get the food.
my food was a normal salad, while my friend had pasta.
i would not really go back because the noise level is high.


hopefully my friend want to orgonize a game evening with friends.

from smaka på stockholm


I have a confesses to make, when there is a huge amount to choose from I get a big problem to choose what I want. Somehow I feel helpless because I can not find anything I want, but still there is huge variation.
Same problem was today, I finish my shift earlier then plan, there for I could meet up my family and go to smaka på stockholm.
Of course we walked around to have a look from where to order the food and I was the last one to decide. In the end I felt pretty low and I can order anything which is not hamburger. (I have become pretty again hamburger the reason is hamburger is too much junk food).
There for in the end my plate had a boiled chicken and salad, and of course no finger fried (too oily).

I can say this plate was very good, the food made me full but not heavy full. Also the price was 75 kr.

In smaka på stockholm, it is possible to buy pull pork, hamburger, fish, and pizza and nacho also much more!
Hurry up to go to smaka på stockholm, you will love it!

Chicken salad


Chicken salad wow wow wow. Well what shall I say beside I love NK:s salads. They are tasty and fresh. The salad does not tasty old.
Maybe I should learn how to make good salads…
However, for dinner I have marinate meat. I made my own marinate and I hope it will turn out good.

A good salad


I do not know when I had last time avocado. For sure not in India. One avocado in India went for 500 rupees (way too expensive).
Avocado with shrimps so yummy. Also not at all heavy food, very light. There for after 2 hours I have to eat something again.
My diet from India is just to forget. I do not follow it at all, I can not. At least I have started with working out! Feels so good to get back on track.

A very good lunch

A very good lunch

For a weekend ago I went to Hyatt for swimming. But, after the swimming I made a order for smoke salmon from Scotland. Today, for the big honor my friend and I had the fish.
With the fish we had salad, scramble eggs, curd and bred.

My friend did not really like the smoke fish, from the begging my friend was skeptical because the fish was not fried or cooked. Therefor I got more of the fish.
My whole body was smiling, after so many months without fish (beside can tuna).

Maybe I will go back to Hyatt and buy something else for example Italian ham. Hopefully, I can wait till the time I am back.

Tomato salad?

Tomato salad?

My friend and I ordered tomato salad in a restaurant and we got this plate with only a tomato in peaces. We seriously wounder if the restaurant was kidding with us. This is how a tomato salad can look like. We already knew Indians are not the best on salads, but this must have been the worst one ever.

Hard rock cafe during hard rain

My best friend in India and me went to Hard rock café in KP. We both felt for “normal” food without any chilly or masala. I thought for a while I was in heaven, because this food was totally opposite to the mess food. The mess food is for the most of the time okay, but you also need normal food, a break from mess food.

Image  Image