My heels my love

Thank you all for a lovely Diwali!
Anyway, this post is about my high heels. This was the second time for me to use this heels, I can not relly say this has been my best heels. The reason is, the heels are too high and not very comfortable. On the other side, the heels are so so beautiful and I truly love them. The shoes are from Phoneix mall at Tresmode, I think I got the shose in 2012 during my summer break.

One par is out and other is in

I have realized my shoes collection has mostly only black high heels or any form of high heels. Which means, I have too few of flat shoes and that is too enjoying because it is hard to walk longer distance in heels.
Also, I have been to lazy to buy new flats. The reason is very simple, why should I buy new shoes when I will not be in Sweden for so much longer then a year more. It is crazy how fast the time moves on. Therefore, I do not want to spend money on new clothes, bags or shoes, because they will last for a period and I m going to face huge problems next May.


Instead of buying, I asked my mom if she has any par of shoes for me. Lucky me she had. Blue and  colorful shoes. On top of that, they are so extremely comfortable to walk in and you do not really feel you wear any shoes. Well, this shoes will mostly only last this summer, because of the material but on the other hand, they are perfect summer shoes.


Cute shoes for sure.

Perfect for a evening out

Nude color, not to high heels. The heels are from L.K Bennett and does not hurt my feet yet. However, I have to talk in the heels. This heels will be great with basic and more dressed up. So, I think this heels will be great in the summer, when the weather is better.

The green wedges were easy and more comfortable then I thought.

New form Kazakstan or was it Kirgizstan

So, may be my old indoor shoes from India have got a completion. This shoes are from one of the stan country, I do not know which one. The shoes are very warm and comfortable to use. At the same time extremely different form our style in Sweden and the west countries. Really, comfortable but I would never use them outside my flat.


I said I was not going to buy any new shoes…


This high heels are my very first red heels and of course I bought them in India, during christmas. My friend and I went to Camp on 24th if I remember right, in the evening 8-9 ish and I have never seen that amount of crowed before. It was impossible to walk and everyone stopped to take photos with the santa. However, my friends and I went to Kue bar at Westin some nights before new years eve. Normally, when I go out, I use high heels, just like every other girls. There I needed to get a par, even after my plans were not to get any more shoes and bags. But in India, I should not wear too high heels, the red par are too high. The reason is very simple, I was the tallest person at the club. At the dance floor I could actully see a sea of heads, but not the peoples faces. So, in the end of the evening, my friends requested me to remove the heels to be on almost the same level as them. Of course I was still taller, but less.

The funniest part during the evening at Westin, kue bar, was we met a Indian guy speaking the worst fake American accent. He asked why are Indians so obsess with two-wheelers, in my country, and much more things. But, common, the worst thing is Indians with pure fake accent and on top of that being the loudest person in the place. He was insane, he was talking about crap, that India is not that great, that “everything can kill you, and you realizing that while you are study medicine and there for you should smoke up or at least drink”. How stupid can a man be?

It is getting colder

Well, my apartment is from late 1930 with surprisingly extreme high sealing. Also I have figured out were the cold air comes from my window. There for, my stone and wood floors are always cold. In the summer the floor is cold, winter floor is cold at night and day.
There for I bought some indoor shoes in India. Yes, I did prepare for a colder apartment.
My indoor shoes are from stev madden and are thebest indoor shoes. They have soft textile inside and have no weight at all. Everyday I wear this shoes, I can not be without them.
A good bought, why did I never have indoor shoes before?


I will be the tallest girl for tonight

I will be the tallest girl for tonight

Today is the day, we will have our farwell fest.
As I said yesterday, I needed to get a par of high heels to my dress. I wanted a par of black heels with open toe. Most important not too high or slim heel or too uncomfortable. The heels have this nice metal decoration on the heel, which made me in the end to buy them.

Moreover, I found this par of heels on first floor in Phoenix mall, Sole to sole. They had allot of beautiful high heels! The heel is 8 cm, which is pretty okay.

Before the Farwell starts the college has the annually prize distribution at 2. Which I do not want to miss, not because I will get any, but it is a nice function.

Ordered a par of high heels

Last Sunday my friend I went to Phoenix mall.
Steve Maddes had some amazing shoes as always. Specially the new arrives, the spring/summer high heels.

I have been looking for a par of high heels and found them in Steve Maddes. The problem was they did not have in size 39, because in India it is big size and the store has only small size.
So, what I did was order the high heel in my size, it will take between 3-7 days. Hopefully the high heels will arrive tomorrow.

Found a good par shoes

Found a good par shoes

So, I got 3 liter milk in 500 ml plastic bags. the shop salers always ask on or two bags, my answer is 6 and its only for me.
Before when I was in Phoenix mall I was walking around all the floors to find some good sneakers. In the end I got two shoes from Puma.