What a night!

Okay, I knew my sleep would be very less, but not this much lack of sleep.

At 4:30 am my body was ready to have breakfast, even though at the nigh I had milk and eggs… My stomach was screaming for breakfast at the same time my mind was not ready to get up from the cozy bed. But, from 5:30 am my stomach was screaming even heavier like an idiot and did not give me any rest. Therefore, the only option I had was to get up and eat breakfast.


On the other side, while having breakfast and this breakfast was a long before college started provided me the oppertunity to watch a Bollywood movie. To watch a bollywood movie in the morning is a luxury.

The movie was Gajinhi, it was sometime ago I watch the movie, and also may be the movie is not really morning movie, but which movie is a morning movie? In the end, I really like Aamir Khan as an actor and the movie is good overall, but in the songs Aamir look really ridiculous.

the pic is taken from google.

What Makes you happy?

Photo is taken in olden part of Pune, and the Ganpati is huge.
The last days my mind has been somewhere else.
I have been thinking what do I want? What am I aiming for? There are so many thoughts sometimes in my mind that create chaos and some other days my mind is totally peaceful and I know exactly what I want and everything.
But not right now, or more right, I know what I want in near future, (low risk). However, my thoughts are about 2-4 years. Then my mind is lost, I want to study a master. But where and also what do I want to work with.
I am lost, because all I know, in the end I and many other people want to be happy. That is what I want, to be happy, but what makes me happy? This is a never ending process and a reason I do not want to think in terms of happiness, is because what is happiness? How can I defend a statement of my chose only because of happiness. While for other the chose sounds like crazy, irrational and stupid. What if the chose turns out to be a nightmare? Is it my fault then?
Well, I think and know, it is time to go to bed and sleep, my mind is not in a state of thinking.
Good Night

This is just great

Speaking about getting sick…
Yesterday evening I started to get sick and fall asleep at 10 in the night. I waked up for breakfast, took milk and eggs and went back to my room. I was full after the oat (which is normally very little for me). My body was screaming for more rest.
Every time I am suppose to go to an other floor I normally take the stairs, but to day, I have absolutely no energy.
It is now, 11:20 I just walked up, I got more or less 13 hours sleep. My head is feeling like a dough.
My plans for studies is to forget about, or I will try…
Then I had made plan to meet my Friend and get homemade food and go out. That is a impossible.

Today is a very bad sick day…. Thank God that the gym is close today for maintaining!