Are you kidding with me?!

OMG I have never seen anything like this size before! NEVER. The mango has the same size as my face, can you understand how big this lovely tasty mango is and the weight….


Anyway, I was really unsure how tasty mangos from Spain could be, like the mangos from Brazil taste really bad or more right sad. But, this mango tasted so good! Really nice. The sweet and juicy (not easy to eat mango and skype at the same time). The mango was amazing and a bit hard to eat all up, but nothing is impossible. It took sometime, but I managed.
I got 2 left and they are not the as big as this one (thank GOD).

Bhel at home

Last Christmas I had an amzing holiday with my friends and families in India. I ate waaay too much of street food such as Bhel and pani puri (I can not get enough of it). So, last evening with on of my families baba took to a streeet food restaurant. My sister and brother ate so many plates as we could and even more. We had a great time, and guess what baba found?
He found bhel package to carry the bhel home. So, he bought it and gifted the bhel to me.
I have had the bhel in the package for every since last christmas, but now the package is open. And even if the flavour is not the same as the bhel in Pune. But it is so good to have bhel again! I loved it and was very happy to eat bhel with a friend. Anyway, the thing is bhel taste the best in India, on the street and see bhai preparing the dish extramly fast. while waiting on the snacks you chat with friends, see the traffic passing by. While having it home the whole environment is missing…


I am really sorry for all the food updates today, but what to do….

best snacks ever

I am major need of snacks every second or thired hours. The thing is apples are very tasty but somehow it feels that my teeth get a layer of suger or so. Therefore vegetables are much better such as carrots. The chewing part and sweetness are a perfect mixed. I am waiting to turn orange due to all the carrots. Whenever the time for my snacks pass by my energy level sinks like a rock in the sea. My mind stops and when I am on the cardio machine, it can start to twist in my head.


Carrots are the best snacks forget apples, bananas or sweets. Carrots is the thing!

yea, I used my webcam sorry for the bad quality.

Gym and a dead computer

my brother is my hero. He try to help me with my computer. Every time my computer irritates me or create a problem for me he is there to help me. So, today he tried to reset W8.1 but the hard drive did not want to work. So, what to do now? Time to by a new computer. While he tried to fix my computer I went to the gym and ran 6,5 km under 40 minutes. I am happy with the result buy I know I can do it better. Much better.
Well, also I really hope to be able to sleep proper, but all the stress with the paper effects my sleep. So may be I shall just work out till my body do not have anymore energy. Does it work? Therefore I have to upload a old photo on one of my favorite dishes. Bhel, impossible to say but too good to be true.


Lucky Indians to have this sort of street food. Why cannot any restaurant serve this? Not even food trucks have bhel!! why, this is so india. More India then Butter chicken, haha.

honey high!

After 8 hours of searching and searching and searching about event studies and the main point facts about oil. I had no idea how hard it is to find proper website about oil and consumption. Therefore, when we finally said bye for today and my energy level was almost on zero. I did the finally way to get energy and the best energy source is khakhra, honey with milk. So, good. Well, the worst part I do not have many left.


Not so wired it is easy to gain weight with khakhra, honey and milk. PURE energy and sweet, just what I like. On the other side, before working out the body need energy. So, may be I am in balance?

Great evening

Yesterday, we had made plan to go out for dinner but everything changed due to unwelcome guests had been in the attic. Great, great and great. Now we have also changed the clock, from winter to summer time. It is horrible, I have lost an hour sleep.

There for I will need a lot, a lot of coffee!

Weekend after a paper

Finally, my exam is over, I can not say it went good. Well, there is always opportunity to do the paper again.
beside of the paper, I am very tired from last night,most likely I did not get enough of sleep. The time is 6 pm and my eyes are too heavy and i want to go to bed to take a nap for an hour. But, that is not possible because, I am going out for dinner to celebrate my exam is over? No, more right to be able to eat something.

Let see where we are going, hopefully not to far away from my apartment, it is going to be a early night!

Of course I had two bowls of khakra, honey and milk today for snacks. I have to look for khakra here in Sweden. I NEED IT!

Amazing families

Before I left India, my families provided some of my favorite food, such as bhel, pani puri, khakra and spices.
Today, I have had this huge craving for something sweet. Therefore I started to search for sweetness and of course I have chocolate but it that is not what I wanted.
On the other side, I took down a box full with khakra. Every day for breakfast I had khakra with sugar and milk.
So, what is better to eat then khakra with honey and milk. LOVE IT. I might just take one more bowl with khakra. The big but is I have very limited of khakra.

IMG_7587The thing is, India has so many different sort of khakra, I have no idea what sort of khakra this is. The only thing i know, is it is from Gujarat and should have milk with it. LOVE.

Homemade easy snacks

Today I went to my parents house to cook dinner for me and my dad. Also, I used the opportunity to cook pierogis in the oven. Pierogis are perfect for snacks or dinner.
The pierogis are made by wheat floor, oil, eggs and milk. the filling is made of onions, pepper, corn and something more. Pierogis are easy to make and fast.The dish exist in many cultures but with different preparation and cooking way. The dough recipes is from

So, let see what I think about my pierogis for tomorrow’s dinner. My pierogis turn out to be little bit too dry, I think the dough needed more oil…