Amazing families

Before I left India, my families provided some of my favorite food, such as bhel, pani puri, khakra and spices.
Today, I have had this huge craving for something sweet. Therefore I started to search for sweetness and of course I have chocolate but it that is not what I wanted.
On the other side, I took down a box full with khakra. Every day for breakfast I had khakra with sugar and milk.
So, what is better to eat then khakra with honey and milk. LOVE IT. I might just take one more bowl with khakra. The big but is I have very limited of khakra.

IMG_7587The thing is, India has so many different sort of khakra, I have no idea what sort of khakra this is. The only thing i know, is it is from Gujarat and should have milk with it. LOVE.

Homemade easy snacks

Today I went to my parents house to cook dinner for me and my dad. Also, I used the opportunity to cook pierogis in the oven. Pierogis are perfect for snacks or dinner.
The pierogis are made by wheat floor, oil, eggs and milk. the filling is made of onions, pepper, corn and something more. Pierogis are easy to make and fast.The dish exist in many cultures but with different preparation and cooking way. The dough recipes is from

So, let see what I think about my pierogis for tomorrow’s dinner. My pierogis turn out to be little bit too dry, I think the dough needed more oil…

Yesterday work


Yesterday at work I needed to work 5 h before a break. 5 h and 2 minutes.
Before I got my break I got a huge order.
So during the break I got some vegetables and two eggs. Because 4-5 Pm is not a dinner or lunch time.

Unhealthy snacks

Well, I love, love peanut butter! The creamy, fatty flavor.

One of my family member in Canada told I had to try peanut butter and it taste heavenly. So, I did try it in Canada and though peanut butter with banana did not taste that great. However, now in Sweden I felt I should try to eat peanut butter with banana again. I might have change the taste. So, let me try and see if I survive after this experiment.
Also, when I was in India, there was an American girl and she said peanut butter with apple taste good. Then what sort of apple should I use? A sweet or sour apple?

Well, sometimes it is okay to eat this sort of thing. What would life be without unhealthy food?!


No Maggie

No Maggie

After a long day in Delhi we came back home and were really hungry. The cook made noodles with vegetables. I have not had this good noodles for very long time and it was not Maggie. Maggie is brand and all Indians love Maggie. If it was possible many Indians would probably eat Maggie to every meal (just kidding).
Funniest part was the noodles were not our dinner, it was our snack at 7 in the evening (normal dinner time in Sweden).

Street food next

Street food next

Typical street food place. My host brother and me went to a Satara Road where there a group street food seller.
There we order S.P.D.P, some of the ingridiens are the same as there are in Pani puri. Seriously street food is not at all hygienically but probably that is why it so taste.
S.P.D.P was for 30 rupees.