For you and me


So, I have got 2 bags of Bhel from 2 different companies. The second photo is from a famous brand in Pune, while the first is something I got in Sweden. It will be intresting to try them and compare which one taste the best. Is it the Bhel from Pune or that one I got in Sweden.
Therefore, next time I am meeting my friend we are going to play xbox and eat Bhel. My friend is from Delhi and we both miss India time to time. Who is not a better person to try bhel than a pour foodie like me. Next week after our bhel testing moment you will get to know which brand is the best.
Anyways, now the time is much and I have not prepared myself for the night, somehow I feel more for staying up than go to bed. I hate this feeling.

Oops, on the first photo my cup of tea is visiable….
Good night


Finally home made momos

For some weeks ago I saw a blogger had made dumplings and I relized how much I miss momos (dumplings) and then I saw an other blog with a video blog about how to make momos. So, was that a sign for me to make momos? I think so.

In the evening after smaka på Stockholm I made momos and skyped with a friend from India and living in Hong Kong right now. Well, it was the first time for me to make momos, so I was a bit worried I was going to fail one of the reasons was I did not have oil and used instead coconut oil. However, my momos turn out perfect!
Also, in India I have had steam momos and not fried, but in my kitchen I have limited of equipment’s and needed to fry all my momos and was not sure how the momos would taste. On the other side, I did not need to worry that much, everything turn out great and I have food boxes for some days due to I made too much fillings.


My fillings was with what I had in the kitchen, ginger, garlic, beef, carrot, onion and some masala and on top of that black pepper. So, you can fill the momos with what every you like.
Moreover, the dough is more important to get with right potions.

For the dough
  • 1 cup (150 g, 5¼ oz) plain or All Purpose flour
  • ⅓ cup (80 ml, 2¾ fl oz) water
  • ½ tsp vegetable oil
  • ¼ tsp salt

Then, let the dough rest for 30 minutes and then you can make the filling. In the end fry the momos for some minutes and then eat!

In my case I stood in the kitchen and was eating the momos while the were ready directly from the pan. Lovely, best part of living alone, none can comments on my behavior. hehe

Yoga and lunch

Wow, I can not believe how much I have already done and the time is not even 12!
The reason why I mange to correct the last things on the thesis, iron, yoga and organizing my clothes was because I woke up at 5:45 and could not fall a sleep again.
When I woke up my stomach was screaming for food, you might now the feeling when the stomach is so empty and hungry it start to hurt. That was the feeling I woke up with. So, I did not have any other options then get up and eat breakfast.

Well, today for lunch a friend of mine and me are going to Kungsträdgården for lunch. I do not know what I will have this time. First time was BBQ chicken and cow stomach this time I would like to have something else…. Let see. But fore sure mango lassie!

This is the BBQ Chicken we had. The BBQ Chicken was really tasty better then expected. Also, the weather was much nicer then todays’. Well, at least I am going to smaka på Stockholm again, I am so lucky to have great people around me who loves food just like me.

Guess what this is!


The dish is from Peru and non-veg. On the menu it was written typical street food. Well, the meat is grilled cow stomach with spicy marinate on top is the yellow sauce which I have no idea, because it was not spicy at all served with potatoes. The cow stomach had a interesting texture I must say. A bite of chewing and nothing special.
We said before, we need to try something wired which we have not tried before. The reason was, it is easy to get samosa, hot dogs, and other food which did not feel special. So, when we saw this dish we said okay, let us try this because when will we get the opportunity to order something like this again?

Swedish Indian chaat


For the starters was a plate with a mixture of Indian flavor with a Swedish touch. On the plat were shrimps, fried capsicum, pomegranate and of course the very Indian banana chip. The pinkish color mixture reminded me of skagenröra (I have no idea what it is in English). Also, I really love how the pomegranate can add some color, I have never thought about it before.
So, did the Indian Chef make a good plate? Yes, but, a lot of deep fried food. Too much deep fried food, which the Indians love.

The green coriander/mint I do not know what it is beside it tasted amazing. Felt like I was eating chaat. If I was done with my education I would have travel to India right now.

Gym and a dead computer

my brother is my hero. He try to help me with my computer. Every time my computer irritates me or create a problem for me he is there to help me. So, today he tried to reset W8.1 but the hard drive did not want to work. So, what to do now? Time to by a new computer. While he tried to fix my computer I went to the gym and ran 6,5 km under 40 minutes. I am happy with the result buy I know I can do it better. Much better.
Well, also I really hope to be able to sleep proper, but all the stress with the paper effects my sleep. So may be I shall just work out till my body do not have anymore energy. Does it work? Therefore I have to upload a old photo on one of my favorite dishes. Bhel, impossible to say but too good to be true.


Lucky Indians to have this sort of street food. Why cannot any restaurant serve this? Not even food trucks have bhel!! why, this is so india. More India then Butter chicken, haha.

Here comes dumplings


For some days ago I went out with a friend, we ordered a huge order of dumplings. Dumplings with pork, beef, duck and salmon. Well, the sadness part was, non of them tasted as good as the “seven sisters” dumplings in Viman Nagar. I do not know how they make the dumplings at Seven sisters. But man, they taste like heaven.
This dumplings in Sweden, was a bit dry, but pork dumpling was the best and the salmon was less good.

Also, I feel a bit irritaded, I woke up an hour too early by myself and could not fell asleep afterwords. Guess if I am going to be a sunshine after work.

The 24th of December was amazing

Well, not only was I in India and traveled from Mumbai to Pune without any problems.
This Christmas was maybe one of the best Christmas for many years. Some of the reasons are, I did not have any Christmas anguish, was in warm weather, met my best friend. My friend picked me up with her car and we finally met after 8 months. She is my angel.
Our first plan was to go out, but her family wanted us to be back home at 10 pm, which is understandable. There for our plan changed and we traveld to KP for one of the best places for street food. My feeling was, forget the Christmastime ham, herrings, meatballs. This is the perfect Christmas eve food and environment. Standing on the sidewalk with all the traffic around. Just enjoying the evening with the best friend with shared love for street food.

Christmas eve food

Here we did not have the typical Christmas ham, potatoes, meat balls or herring.
No, no, no instead my dear friend took me out to KP and we ate pani puri, bhel, SPDP and saw the traffic jam.
While having the street food next to the horns, pollutions, chats and crowed, my mind was finally peaceful. I have not enjoyed this much for a long period of time. There is something which India has and not Sweden. While Sweden has other good qualities.

So far my stomach is fine! high five, I might be able to eat the street food without any problems. keeping my fingers cross.

Samosa is on my list

Well, during the visit in India I have some things I have to do.
Mostly it is to eat different dishes, but also meet my friends and much much more.

Street food: Samosa, pani puri, SPTP and momos.
Visits: my friends, college, families, phoneix mall, older part of Pune and might visit Mumbai. Also, go out at least once with friends.
Shopping: books, sneakers and spices.

Right now it looks like I have to stay one-3 nights at different places, just to be able to meet everyone. There for 2 weeks are not enough anymore. The time table is very tight.


Also, I know I have to bring medicine because, I will get sick. Not only because of the street food, but also due to oil, spices, water and so on. During all my visits in India 3 times and for around 2 years, my stomach has been all stages from peaceful to totally mess.
I just say bring it on, nothing can stop me to enjoy food. NOTHING.