The 24th of December was amazing

Well, not only was I in India and traveled from Mumbai to Pune without any problems.
This Christmas was maybe one of the best Christmas for many years. Some of the reasons are, I did not have any Christmas anguish, was in warm weather, met my best friend. My friend picked me up with her car and we finally met after 8 months. She is my angel.
Our first plan was to go out, but her family wanted us to be back home at 10 pm, which is understandable. There for our plan changed and we traveld to KP for one of the best places for street food. My feeling was, forget the Christmastime ham, herrings, meatballs. This is the perfect Christmas eve food and environment. Standing on the sidewalk with all the traffic around. Just enjoying the evening with the best friend with shared love for street food.

Christmas eve food

Here we did not have the typical Christmas ham, potatoes, meat balls or herring.
No, no, no instead my dear friend took me out to KP and we ate pani puri, bhel, SPDP and saw the traffic jam.
While having the street food next to the horns, pollutions, chats and crowed, my mind was finally peaceful. I have not enjoyed this much for a long period of time. There is something which India has and not Sweden. While Sweden has other good qualities.

So far my stomach is fine! high five, I might be able to eat the street food without any problems. keeping my fingers cross.

Samosa is on my list

Well, during the visit in India I have some things I have to do.
Mostly it is to eat different dishes, but also meet my friends and much much more.

Street food: Samosa, pani puri, SPTP and momos.
Visits: my friends, college, families, phoneix mall, older part of Pune and might visit Mumbai. Also, go out at least once with friends.
Shopping: books, sneakers and spices.

Right now it looks like I have to stay one-3 nights at different places, just to be able to meet everyone. There for 2 weeks are not enough anymore. The time table is very tight.


Also, I know I have to bring medicine because, I will get sick. Not only because of the street food, but also due to oil, spices, water and so on. During all my visits in India 3 times and for around 2 years, my stomach has been all stages from peaceful to totally mess.
I just say bring it on, nothing can stop me to enjoy food. NOTHING.

A good place

A good place

I would like to say a proper street food place and how a street food place should look like this.
This place on the photo has some sort of standard off cleanness and give this taste of street food and the atmosphere. The atmosphere is very important, you should be on the street while eating street food and not in a mall.

I would not buy pani puri from a man with a small table, which he take it with him. That sort of street food is more unhygienic. Where does the man prepare the pani and how? Just feels dirty.

Never again

Never again

So, today my friend and I had huge craving for street food at 11/12ish. There for we went to different places to see if they were open, but no. All places were close!
There for we went to Phoenix mall. In Phoenix mall it is possible to get street food at chart bazar. If I remember right.
It was a very big disappointment. It did not taste like street food. It was indian street food in Western style. So bad.

Too much food

Too much food

Okay, maybe you do notunderstand how much food I had for dinner. Especially with this photo with only two seve puris.

Well, then I can explain. First I had some rasma in the mess (got protein), then my friend and I went for chart, street food pani puri (to the best place they serve pani puri in Viman nagar.Every place make different taste). On to off that I gave my friend company for dinner. We had mushrooms masala and naan bread. So much food but it was a very nice evening!
Can you understand how much I ate?
Also, who can say no to street food or not give a company to a good friend?

Best wada pav

Best wada pav

If you ever want to eat wada pav in Pune, then you have to go to one place. This place is famous for it. It was a small street food place and become huge.
Seriously this place sell many, many and again many wada pav every day.
As you can see, it is a popular place.

Some people says the man sell over 1000 and 1000 wada pavs. It says the police are collecting the plate from the street to count how much tax the seller need to pay. Because he is selling food black, like every street food seller.
How much is truth, is something I do not know.

I did try the wada pav there, but I could not say it was the best one. I do not like all this oily, white bread and potato food. It is just carbohydrates and unhealthy.

However, this place is in Camp, on a smaller street near to SGS mall.