I am scared

The sun is shinnying, the temperature is decent outside. the sky has some clouds moving slowly. The weather is typical early spring weather, perfect time to be outside suck all the sun in and the air. My situation is the totally opposite. I am sitting inside the college and studying. I am too scared of the paper, I have to pass, because  do not want a backlog in this subject. Really I do not want.

There for I have with me coffee, vegetables, fruits so I can be in college till 8 or so. Let see. But one thing is for sure, I will not go to the gym today.


Today I tried to find all the important models and explanations in marketing. The work went pretty good till my glasses broke. Then, everything become so much harder. Impossible to read and not scratch the eyes.
The only answer I had on the problem was to pack down my books and go to the optical.
Only if I had not touch the glasses…
Well, hopefully I have learned my lesson. Never touch glasses while studying.

Sunday and I am studying!

Hm… I have no idea how to handle my assignment, or I have started but now I am stuck.
The assignment is about Human rights and has to be done till 17th. I know I have time, but next week will be some what hectic. 
We are supposed to write about a problem, examples about human rights and then what to could have been done (If I remember right).

So the topical I have written about is the conflict during 1990´s in Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a big and heavy topic, but also interesting from human rights perspective.
I have been wrting from 9:00, and now it is time for a break, but also to think how to do it now. I have to some how end this paper in a good way. But how is the big question mark.

Alone in the rain

Alone in the rain

The whole week we finally do not have any classes, we can still go to college and ask prof. if we have any questions. Everything is about to prepare for the external exams.
My plans is to go and stay with my Indian family till Wednesday and hopefully study. Also to be with the family.
Finally, some homemade food after weeks with mess and restaurants food.

The poppy on the pic look so lots and unhappy.
Can I have a poppy in the hostel room?