Nothing is just perfect in Mumbai

IMG-20150621-WA0002 IMG-20150621-WA0003

For some months ago I got two photos from a friend. She wrote that during the whole day it has been raining and had been impossible to do anything.
I have heard other stories that planes have not been able to lift from mumbai due to the rain. Everything stop working, the is nothing to beside sitting inside and wait. Therefor I have been lucky to live in Pune. Compare with Mumbai Pune has much better weather. Less rain!

But, the thing is, if a outside want to travel to Mumbai and is not aware of the heat in April-June and the monsoon in June till August. The whole trip can become a nightmare. The heat is too much and the rain is too much. Everything is too much in Mumbai, also there are too people!
One reason some of my friends do not like Mumbai and India… everything is too much nothing is just perfect which we swedish people LOOOOVE…

So me…

For some days again was going to send some photos to a friend of mine. My plan was to provide photos from the fashion show, however to my big big nightmare was that, I had by misstak deleted all the photos!
Like, how can be able to delete all te photos? I have no clue, but at the sametime, It is so me… I have done this sort of mistakes in the past, but I had hope I had learned a lessen. But, no… All the photos were gone with the wind. To my happines and surprise one of the designer had all the photos on her computer. So, slowley the photos are back on my computer.
But, I have to get a system how to handle all my photos… Still I do know how to orgonize the photos so I won’t do this sort of mistakes again…


I found a really nice surprise

For some days ago I did a google search from Namaste Stockholm, because I wanted to see if I could find some photos from the fashion show. The desginers are amazing talent and great friends. However, I could not really find any photos, but instead I found a video. The video is only on one collection, but that is better than nothing. I must say all the desginers were amazing, none of them were better than the other.
Even if I could not find any photos on google, I am very good I got my own photos from the fashion shows.

outdoor movie

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a outdoor movie. The movie was the last one during stockholm filmfestival. However, my friend and I gave up on the movie after 30 minutes. Due, to bad volume, and coldness. May be we were not prepared for the coldness but when it is almost impossible to hear the voices so it would not be fun to stay.
On the other side, I am not at all upset due to the movie, because after a long time we finaly met!

Back from holiday

Well, to leave home feels always good to get a break from the normal life and be able to enjoy something different. In my case, a holiday up in the north is not at all new, I have done that since I was a kid. However, it is not everyday I can be out in the forest and pick berries till I start dream about berries in the night.
However, yesterday was a typical summer day. That means, being out in the forest for the whole day, become too tired to think and dinner at home. After the dinner it was time to make jam till 1 am. I made blueberry jam on 4-5 kg blueberries and my parents made jam on our cloudberries. Moveover, at 5 am the alarm rang to wake us up for the bus to stockholm.
Now, I am back home and unpacking, feeling pleased with the passed week. But, it is always good to be back home, in my own flat.

Last days

Well, I have not been in a good mood to write anything here. More or less, nothing is really happning. Same story everyday. Studies, getting irritated on the math, gym and work. Nothing else, beside I am counting down for my last holiday before college starts again in September.
There are only two more days left with work and more studies before holiday. Therefore, I am on my second project of empty the the kitchen of food. So far it has turn ot good, however, as always I am running out of milk and fruits…

blueberry forest


Is there any better place to be than in a forest and picking berries? May be being at a beach is almost as good as forest. However, this is what I love the most with Swedish summer, to be able to be out in the forest and pick berries or mushrooms. In that way, we are really lucky in Sweden. On the other side, Sweden is extremely unlucky to get good beach weather… More or less, we do not get enought heat in on the land and in the water.

However, blueberry forest are so beautiful with the openness and greenness. Not too bad in my opinion.

summer with BBQ


This photo is nothing special with, but somehow I like the photo a lot. I do not know why, but there is something. May be because the photo is very much about summer. Everything for a perfect BBQ.
Nothing is fixed on the photo, everything was arrange for a good photo.
I really hope I will soon have BBQ again. But first, work, work and work.

Summer day


While we were in the south of Sweden we made it to a summer party. At the party, we got so much of sweet bakeries, and coffee. During the day, we plaied games women vs. men. Also, the games, we plaied all the basic classic games such as, run with potatoes on the spoons, jump in bags and move water. The whole part wazs a day long and also, very nice.


How lovel is not the cake? Well, in my oppinion the cake was perfect.

On the beach


Swedish summer can be too wired, in a way which mean none can really know, has the summer arrived or not.
For example, we are in the end of July and still it does not feel like the summer heat has arrived or the sun. More or less, we have oly got rain, rain and more rain. However, the weather has did not stop us to have a short visit at the beach.
Even if we were on the beach, most of us did not take a swim in the water. The biggest reason was the temprature was only 13 degrees!!!
However, with a jacket and a blanked around made the beach a perfect place to take a nap. So, I took a nap on the beach. Perfect. Lovely.

Today, we are going to more families and visit. Short and intensive days in Malmö.