I am alive

Yesterday was an extremely warm day. Especially for us at the café. We worked from 10 am to 10:20 pm, more or less standing and walking for more than 11 hours out of the 12 hours. However, this is only a summer job and this has become a part of a typical summer for me.


On the other side, when we finally could sit down, the sun was too warm for me and there was no wind either! Horrible. But, lovely place to sit and enjoy a banana split or our famous shrimp towers. Tomorrow I am heading back to the café. Let see how many customers are coming.

Say hello

The alst 2 days have been heticals. May be not too bad, therefore I should not complain.
Yesterday, I met a friend and we watch a movie, took photos and just had a good summer break day.
Also, my friend has this huge dog. Pretty funny to take photos on him, becasue the dog does not do anything and is a god model!

So the homework for tomorrow

I am at home after a long day.
Well, at the photo class we went through the basic things with the camera. The teacher is a great, he take it very easily and explain and explain. We practiced to take photos on each other and then we started to think more about the light and the background.

After the class we got two home works. The first one was a jump picture outside the nature, on top of that with a good background. So, I met up my friend and requested him to jump for me, thankfully he did not say no. However, we took maybe 10 photos, and some were more okay then others.
The other one is to take a photo on our breakfast. This homework is based on the light. I have never really been working with the light before, therefore it is going to be tricky. However, I have to buy my breakfast items today, because I ran out on oat, milk, soured milk, fruits everything! Therefore I might try to make tomorrows’ breakfast more fancy than normal. Let’s see.

I did it

I have had this as an aim to run 1 km in 5 minutes. Therefore, I pressed myself today to run 6 km in 30 minutes. Guess what, I did it. I made it. Freaking awesome feeling. To be able to reach the aim. However, I can say I have to focus on my stomach now, because after 5 km I felt I wanted to quite. The last km was not easy, but I managed it. After the run I took a much slower ran and then powerwalk. So, in total the time on the cardio machine was over 50 minutes. But, it was so worth it. Because, I was able to be at the gym before 8 pm (not normal nowadays).


Tomorrow, my summer course starting, which will be kind of interesting. A photo course, so hopefully I will be able to take better photos after this. Let us hope.

Chocolate balls


A café in Sweden has to have chocolate balls to be able to call them a café. At least, that is what I think. Therefore, at the café I am working at, whenever we get time and has the ingrediance we bake. We bake, chocolate balls, muffins, small cookies and much more. Anything which works well with a cup of coffee. Chocolate balls are so easy to make and take no time. Also, everyone knows how chocolate balls taste like therefore they are safe card.
Therefore, when we bake chocolate balls, we use a whole packaged of oat (1,5 kg) and may be 20 balls…. As you can hear, our chocolate balls are huge.

are there anything more to say?


I must say sometimes I am lucky. For example, I am working at this super small Café from the last 5 years and are there anything to say then, I am lucky. The café is typical summer café near to Stockholm by car, it take 45 minutes.

In the evenings, the sunset can not be any more beautiful then this, at least in Stockholm after 12 hours shift. Then, to sit outside with a cup of tea and a sandwich is not too bad. There are almost no people after 10 pm so it is very quite and relaxing. During thus hours I can finally think and just feel calm.
Nothing, almost can be better then this, also, this is a part of my summer nowadays. To feel it is summer I have to spend some days at the café and in the north. When I have been at the 2 places, then I can say summer is here for sure.

This is summer

Wow, I am out on the island and somehow this place have become a part of my summer memories, Is that not wired?
Like, our work depends a lot on the weather, if the weather is cold without any sun, we can most likely expect very few customers. However, when the weather is sunny and warm, then we are working, working and never ending. Hopefully, we will get customers during this three days.
Well, enjoy the city and I am going to eat a lot of shrimps during this three day! Also, I am going to bring my camera!


Preparing for three days out

Okay, today is Monday I am having my first shift at the café. I have been working there for two years, so I know the environment. However, due to the distance from Stockholm it is much more convene to spend the two nights at the café then travel front and back. On the other side, there is nothing to do after a shift and a bit scary too, because it is a bit lonely. In my case, I have decided to carry with me some books (yes, more then one book). The reason is simple my fashion brands book is soon over, I have only 50 pages more to read. So, my only option is to carry more books with me, also, I do not want to face that the only book I have with me is a boring or bad book. Therefore I bring 2 books with me, in different topics.
First book is about India history and culture. The second book is about liberty and publicly all the famous thinkers/authors shorter texts about what is liberty.


Also, I can not update anything from the place.


Great start of Friday. Today, I decided to wake up at 6 am on my holiday. At 7 to 8 am I was at the gym and was at a bodybalance class. before I thought the bodybalance, yoga were less great workout. But, I might have to change my opining about bodybalance. Because, somehow my body enjoy the stretching and some sort of strength exercises.
Summer is here, the sun is up and 20 degrees outside.

This is what I wish for

Next year I will there again. I have to be there soon. I want to swim in the water, eat and sunbath. To be able to forget the time and eat whenever I feel hungry also sleep when my eyes are too tired to keep them up. Be able to eat fresh, super fresh fruits and just have the time of my life. To be on a 2-wheeler and feel the wind in my hair. This time I want to drive the 2-wheeler, and not only sit behind. How hard can it be? Goa must be easier to drive in then Pune. That is freedom in my eyes and that is one of many of my dreams. That is freedom and then it is time to start to study and work hard to manage 2 years in India. I want to be there.
Are there other people who understand what I am talking about?