Working again


Well, I do not think I have any free time, beside from yesterday. We handled in out thesis and I spend the whole evening with a friend. We plaid cards had BBQ chicken and just chilled.
Today is totally opposite. I am sitting infront of my computer and writing and printing out documents, a lot of them. I never tough I would be busy with work during the first week of holiday. But, I am. Really busy and I do not think I will have a lot of free time this summer either. Well, what to do! I shall not complain.

This is insane

I have not seen our rhubarbs this big before. They are huge.
So, today I am making a rhubarb pie with our own fresh rhubarbs. How can I not bake a rhubarb pie?
Like, most likely I won’t eat it, but I do love baking.


I am over 170 cm tall so you might understand how long the rhubarbs are. also, I have to point out, I am in gym clothes and normally I do not wear over size t-shirts besides in the gym.

Now the summer has arrived

My family has this tradition of buying Mangos when the Asian food stores have got the boxes with mangos. We do not buy the Brazilians mangos because they do not taste at all anything. Therefore the mongos from the Asian food store such a Taj Mahal import mangos from Pakistan. The pakistanian mongos are not like the mangos as in India, but, much better then the food stores mangos. So, when ever the store get mangos they give us a miss call so we now today the mangos have arrived.

Also, when we having the mangos I know, it is summer. Even when the weather is horrible, I can sit inside and eat one or two mangos without any problems. Just enjoying the taste and dreaming away to India where I had my first really really fresh mangos and papaya.


Smaka på stockholm

I really hope you have not missed smaka på Stockholm at kungsträdgården. From today to the 7th of June the event is going on. There are food trucks, restaurants and a lot of people.
My friend and I went there last evening and shared the dishes with each other. So, the first dish was BBQ chicken with baguette, then cow stomach and the final dish was mango lassie. The lassie was amazing, so sweet and tasty, just like in India.
We had a great time and on Sunday I will be there again with a friend, but that time I have to try something else.
May be, heart or a burger or something else hummus. Let see, where there are less people and cue.

Starting to rethink again

Well, I was really happy to get the opportunity to study a summer course but now I am not that sure anymore if I should.
The reason is simple, either I study and earn less and most likely have some tricky months with our research paper. Or I can skip the summer course and work more, manage to complete the paper without any problems and study a course at Folkuniversitet instead.
So, I do not know. I would love to study religion, but may be it is not that great it is campus based. Oh I do not know.

Summer course or work more and study at folkuniversitet. I DO NOT KNOW. What shall I do?… Summer course or work, summer course or work… What shall I study?…


This photo is from the North of Sweden. Best place to be in the summer and pick berries.

High heels are out from the box

Yesterday I had a crazy day.
First of all, during the whole day I did not have any special to do. Like study a bit took a walk and so on. But then in the evening everything happened. I went to a workout group class (not that great because the trainer spoke about nonsense during the songs and sang with the songs in the microphone). Then a fast shower and dinner to run to the Rotract meeting.
Well, because of the beautiful evening and the need of dressing up I took my only very summerish high heels shoes (comfortable too). Most of my shoes are black perfect for fall and winter.
The green high heels are never used before and been in the with all my other shoes for 2 years. My family in Canada gifted them to me when I was there to visit them.


This type of heels are never out, every summer the brands sell this sort of heels. Every year, also with the same color.
Well, I thought of this shoes with my back Ritu Kumar dress or with a green top. So many dresses works with them! This summer I have to use this shoes much more! Heels are in and flats are out (Not at all). Heels are beautiful but really uncomfortable for longer walks.

Summer course

So, yesterday anonced the lsit of summer courses. Of course I had applied to study some summer courses, well I was not that happy to see the list. I was accapted in one class only and on the waiting list for some other classes.
So, depedning on my work time table I might be able to study religious texts and analysis. This course has nothing to do with my education, it is more for fun and intressting. No harm at all to improve my knowledge about the main religions around the world. But let see how my work time table look like and also, if I can study something. Time to wait and see.
So most likely I won’t get much of summer break, but what to do, that is life!


THe summer dresses are out

I do not know why, but for the last days I have been thinking about wearing a summer dress. The thought has been nagging me for days and I can not stand anymore. The thought has been there and won’t disappear till I wear a dress. Therefore in the morning I took finally down my summer clothes box. During the winter all my summer clothes packs down i storage boxes.
Also, I have done some window shopping and saw long dresses are still in and with some decorated motives.
Well, sure my dress is in black, but I think the dress is going to be great to wear this summer too. The dress is of course from Label Ritu Kumar.


Because it is still a bit cold in the evenings I am wearing a a par of leggings under the dress. Also, I am going to wear a sweater on top of the dress.

Red, yellow and what else?


Stockholm is such a beautiful city during the spring and summer. Who do not like Stockholm during the this season? Totally opposite to the winter, totally opposite. During the winter Stockholm because too dark, while the spring/summer lighter and lighter. The evenings are pleasant time to walk around.

elephants in the city


Can we not get the summer now? A summer with sun and the heat, beside the colds and chill winds. But, who know when it will arrive, also when the summer has arrived the heat might be unbearable for me.

Also, tomorrow I have to find a store to give my external hard disk for reparation because I want to my photos.
The photo with the elephants is one of the few photos I have left from my trip to London. Also, the hard-disk was my back up and now my back up has broke done… What shall I?