Fall has arrived

I do not remember when it was the last time I saw the sun. I do not remember… When I need to think after when was the last time, indicate the sun has disapared once again. Most likely this fall is going to be just like last year fall, no sun at all. The trees are turning orange and yellow and red, beautiful colors but it is a question of time till the sun is up for only 4 hours or so.
Why am I in this country? We are living in darkness and clodness.



Great start of Friday. Today, I decided to wake up at 6 am on my holiday. At 7 to 8 am I was at the gym and was at a bodybalance class. before I thought the bodybalance, yoga were less great workout. But, I might have to change my opining about bodybalance. Because, somehow my body enjoy the stretching and some sort of strength exercises.
Summer is here, the sun is up and 20 degrees outside.

Sun is up time to use the hat and a dress

Lovely weather!
Well, I am getting ready to take a walk in Stockholm city. Before everyone else is out and walking around in the city.
Because of the beautiful weather I have picked out my other dress from Ritu Kumar. The less great part to live in Sweden we have only got very few months to wear dresses. But to be able to wear dresses without feeling cold for example a day like this is to wear tights under the dress. Well, a long dress and tights under and it is possible to use a dress when the degrees are not more then 15.
Also, due to I have to use glasses I try to use my hat as much as possible to avoid the sun. But of course my Raybans pops up when I do not feel for a hat and wants to be half blind!

Again I forgot

It is Sunday morning and I woke up at 6 am, due to same mistake as yesterday morning. The morning sun is reflecting on my neighbor’s windows and in to my room, on my eyes. Just enough of minutes to wake me up and as the sun rise the reflect is diapering. Also, my plan yesterday was to have sleep in morning today, well that did not turn out that great… 7:20 am right now and I already had my breakfast and started with my studies.

So, my plan for today is to take a walk in the city (lovely weather) and the visit my parents, go to the gym and then home. Also, I have to decide which gym I want to join, because today is the last day with my membership at friskis. Somehow I wish we in Sweden had Golds gym. That brand was the best gym I have ever visit before. Fresh locals, good crowd and workers. Best gym for sure.
Well, I might join Nordic wellness or just join belly dancing again (such a good training for the stomach!) Let see.

A statue in Stockholm, near to Dramaten.

Red, yellow and what else?


Stockholm is such a beautiful city during the spring and summer. Who do not like Stockholm during the this season? Totally opposite to the winter, totally opposite. During the winter Stockholm because too dark, while the spring/summer lighter and lighter. The evenings are pleasant time to walk around.

Amazing weather today too

I might say I have been good from 6:30 till now with my studies. I have study and study with some day dreaming too.
Well, at 10 am and the sky is clear from clouds does not help me with my studies… Instead I feel for taking a walk and leave all studies behind me. On the other side, I have to go to the gym during lunch to for a work out and then I might take just a little longer way on my way home.
The building on the photo is located at Gamla stan and has a very nice cafe with good pies. During the summer when the oak tree is cover with green leaves the cafe becomes even better! The whole enviornment in Gamla stand is extremely cosy, when the streets are empty of tourists.