are there anything more to say?


I must say sometimes I am lucky. For example, I am working at this super small Café from the last 5 years and are there anything to say then, I am lucky. The café is typical summer café near to Stockholm by car, it take 45 minutes.

In the evenings, the sunset can not be any more beautiful then this, at least in Stockholm after 12 hours shift. Then, to sit outside with a cup of tea and a sandwich is not too bad. There are almost no people after 10 pm so it is very quite and relaxing. During thus hours I can finally think and just feel calm.
Nothing, almost can be better then this, also, this is a part of my summer nowadays. To feel it is summer I have to spend some days at the café and in the north. When I have been at the 2 places, then I can say summer is here for sure.

A plan

I wish the future was more secure, more safe.
That I knew what to do and how. Right now my thoughts are about the specialization for the research paper. Should the paper be about finance or organization? Also, how to learn a language? (Last time I studied a foreign language was for 5 years ago), What is require by me for the future work?

About the paper, we have a month to deiced from now. But till then my mind will be thinking 110 %. I won´t be relaxed till the time or have any form of peace as the photo shows.
My mind is not relaxed, I am worried. However, I know around the corner is 2 weeks semester waiting for me. ONLY for me.

Beautiful sky

Beautiful sky

Well, some days ago when I was at home to take some books with me to my apartment, I saw this beautiful sky.
Well, What else to do then take a photo. First, I was scared the photo would not show how amazing the colors were mixed. But, hey, there was no problem at all.
Maybe sunset and sunrise can be the most beautiful moments we can see, no matter were we are.