I will miss her

Sure, I have not had much time to meet many of my friends during this semester. But, when I met them, I did have a great time. So, next Friday one friend of mine is heading back home to Brazil. It feels so wired to think this time I will see my friends going back home, while for a year ago I was in her situation. Also, I prefer to be the one to move and not the person to stay back and see everyone leaving the place. Who will be left in Stockholm?IMG_8279

Well, I have already finished one of the candies from the box, it was made of pink guava (really sweet and good. This two products in the bottom photo, are a question mark for me. What are they?  One thing is fore sure, the pink thing has a very sweet smell and strong.



So, the evening dessert was really good. A mixed of India with Sweden. Saffron with berries from a typical garden. When I heard the chef book is soon out in the stores, I thought to buy the book. The book is about his trip around India for 100 days and experience street food. So, the book is about his journey and has some recipes.



May be not THE pie, but at least a pie.
So, yesterday I made this amazing pie from our own rhubarbs from last year and forest raspberries from the north.
For sure frozen berries are not the same as fresh picked berries. Still it is too early to pick but the rhubarbs are on the way and all they need is time to grow even bigger.
Sometimes the pie surprise me how easy it is took make. Just mix the dough spread the berries and in the even. There is not stickiness or messiness. Simple and tasty. The pie with ice cream, you can not say no.


If I only had a oven at home I would bake much more. On the other side may be it is good i do not have an oven so I can bake that much of muffins and cookies. Well, somehow I hop to work 75 % during the summer break so I can spend much more time in the north and also be able to study a summer course, also on top of that bake and cook much more! More of enjoying the swedish summer then last year. But, if I work more then 75 % it is good for the wallet. Oh, so much to think about and what to do.

Can I learn to make this things?

Some months ago the book sale was going on and as always during the last weeks with the sale the store sell the books for nothing. Therefore during the last weeks, it is possible to find if the person is lucky to find good books for no money at all. Well, with my weakness for chocolate and the enjoyment from baking I got a book about how to make pralines. I have only tired to make pralines once or twice before, as you can understand I am a big beginner.IMG_7877
May be I did not get the book because I am suppose to start making pralines. Instead, the book was a gift because of the beautiful photos. The photos of pralines, cookies and other sweet yummy things.

Amazing, amazing photos in side the book. Which make me wanna try every single pralines. Who knows how much time I get during the summer to try to make this.

honey high!

After 8 hours of searching and searching and searching about event studies and the main point facts about oil. I had no idea how hard it is to find proper website about oil and consumption. Therefore, when we finally said bye for today and my energy level was almost on zero. I did the finally way to get energy and the best energy source is khakhra, honey with milk. So, good. Well, the worst part I do not have many left.


Not so wired it is easy to gain weight with khakhra, honey and milk. PURE energy and sweet, just what I like. On the other side, before working out the body need energy. So, may be I am in balance?

Easter egg

Yesterday was a slow day at work or at least the last hours. But, when I arrived at the office saw I got a easter egg in my box. Not a small egg either, a bigger egg then the normal size! Guess if i was surprised, I did not expect to get anything.
So for I have only open the egg to see what sort of candy is inside and we got chocolate inside! LOVE it, chocolate is the best.

However, today after my shift 8-5 i am going to my parents house and give the easter egg. No sweets are allowed in my apartment. Due to overeating risk.

Amazing families

Before I left India, my families provided some of my favorite food, such as bhel, pani puri, khakra and spices.
Today, I have had this huge craving for something sweet. Therefore I started to search for sweetness and of course I have chocolate but it that is not what I wanted.
On the other side, I took down a box full with khakra. Every day for breakfast I had khakra with sugar and milk.
So, what is better to eat then khakra with honey and milk. LOVE IT. I might just take one more bowl with khakra. The big but is I have very limited of khakra.

IMG_7587The thing is, India has so many different sort of khakra, I have no idea what sort of khakra this is. The only thing i know, is it is from Gujarat and should have milk with it. LOVE.