ThE thesis is handled in

Finally the thesis is handled in yesterday and all my energy disappeared in the afternoon Still, somehow I manage to be awake to 2 am after the work out.

However, in the afternoon the exchange student I am mentor for met me at the café to just hang out and chat about last weekends show. On top of that she had a super sweet birthday gift for me. The gift might look tiny but the meaning is hugh and thoughtful. So in the end the gift is much more bigger then I have thought it would be.
First I got a small card in Swedish, then a candy bag with Haribo (german sweet) and the best part a book for future plans. A book for planning!! She know how much I love to plan and have organizing, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out how I have plan.


Everytime someone quite

Yea, this was our tradition at the other job.
Everytime someone quite more or less the boss bought a box of candy and put it on the table.
Can you see? there are only good candies! such as sweet and sour, chocolates and much more. But, I never took anything from the box, feeling proved of myself.
Also, we had our own super small Christmas tree on the table. We did try to get some Christmas feeling. Haha

Sweets and more sweets

Well, I might not have a sweet tooth anymore, a photos with all the sweets are lovely and somehow I wish to eat all of them. But, in the end to eat or buy the sweets are not an option for me anymore. My mind is screaming unhealthy, and waste of money and think what else I can eat.
There for, I might not eat any of the sweets but I love, love baking and be surrounded of the senses. Almost every time all my sweets are left at my parents house, so they got a job to finish the sweets.
However, my sweets needs have swap to cheese and liver pastie “needs”. The cheese and liver pastie are my new sweets and I wish to make my own liver pastie. One beautiful day I will have homemade liver pastie made of chicken liver.
Homemade cheese is harder to make, I would never have the patience to wait for months. There for my favorite cheeses are made by Kullensgårdsmejeri up in the north. I am promising to write more about the lovely kullensgårdsmejeri in an other update.

A christmas market in the city

So, there are many small Christmas markets around Stockholm, one of them is the market at Kungsträdgråden. The market in Kungsträdgården is small and has nothings really special, beside it is next to the ice skating area and in the heart of Stockholm.

The most traditional and famous Christmas market at Skansen. I have never been there, but I know Skansen market has is popular.

My next Christmas market visit has to be the market at Gamla stan. Just to get a pinch of Christmas feeling.

The devil in the late evenings

Finally arrived home after an intense practice for the upcoming dance show. Also of course my belly is empty, or at least feeling empty. What does not help is to know in the kitchen on the top shelf is my secret sweet box. Secret is not for me… but at lest hard to reach. In the sweet box are all my sweets (very few) and more of chocolates.
There for, when it is 11 pm it is easy to take a chocolate corner or something else if they are laying on the kitchen table, but not when they are too high up to reach.

Instead of having this devil sweets Jelly Belly from New York and watching Modern Family. The option was a cup of tea with milk and Modern family.

Have any one tried this Jelly Belly with chocolate? I have never seen this sort of jelly beans before and the box is still untouched.



Sometimes it is okay to sweets.
When can you say no to brownie with vanilla ice cream?
I can say, I have a hard time to say no to any form of sweets beside candy. So good, Indians are pretty good to make brownies.

Tried to make sweets

Tried to make sweets

When my friend I went for dinner. After the dinner they workers wanted us to visit the kitchen. The kitchen was very clean, super clean.
In the kitchen they requested me to try to make Indian sweet. That was not easy!
I guess you can guess which one is mine….

Homemade food


Wow, sometimes I forget how tasty homemade food is.
Like the food is not too hot. The food has something extra and I do not know of what.
But is something more then just oil and spicy.
Problem is, Indian families gives one too much food. Way too much food.

The food on the plate was amazing
Paneer, Cashews, spring rolls and sweets. So much heavy food and really tasty.

Good notes

Good notes

Well, in the looker room I found this note on the board and thought this can be helpful.
Specially after Christmas and New year.

For me I have not been eating allot of sweets at all during Christmas and New year. The only sweets I had was 3 ginger bread cookies and one day old donut. One day old donut from mad over donuts was not that great compare to Tim Hortons. Even to eat fresh donut in India is just nothing compare to the donuts in Canada. I tried also fresh donut in New Delhi, still it was not that good. Indian donuts are just too sad to eat, or too sweet.
Tim Hortons Timbits, are really good.

Christmas food

Christmas food

this was my Christmas food.
No ham, potatoes, fish, meatballs or anything that belongs to normal christmas food for me, Instead I had more indian food, Afghani chicken with naan, not at all spice chicken compare to tandoori chicken. Of course I had 3 ginger bread cookies too, then it is Christmas.
The smell of ginger bread cookies is too good.