Homemade food


Wow, sometimes I forget how tasty homemade food is.
Like the food is not too hot. The food has something extra and I do not know of what.
But is something more then just oil and spicy.
Problem is, Indian families gives one too much food. Way too much food.

The food on the plate was amazing
Paneer, Cashews, spring rolls and sweets. So much heavy food and really tasty.

Good notes

Good notes

Well, in the looker room I found this note on the board and thought this can be helpful.
Specially after Christmas and New year.

For me I have not been eating allot of sweets at all during Christmas and New year. The only sweets I had was 3 ginger bread cookies and one day old donut. One day old donut from mad over donuts was not that great compare to Tim Hortons. Even to eat fresh donut in India is just nothing compare to the donuts in Canada. I tried also fresh donut in New Delhi, still it was not that good. Indian donuts are just too sad to eat, or too sweet.
Tim Hortons Timbits, are really good.


Christmas food

Christmas food

this was my Christmas food.
No ham, potatoes, fish, meatballs or anything that belongs to normal christmas food for me, Instead I had more indian food, Afghani chicken with naan, not at all spice chicken compare to tandoori chicken. Of course I had 3 ginger bread cookies too, then it is Christmas.
The smell of ginger bread cookies is too good.

The result

I was pretty happy with my result. Or at least how they look like.
When I crashed the ginger bread cookies, the smell of the cookies hit me and for the first time got Christmas feeling. 
This chocolate is for tomorrow, and hopefully my friends will like it.

A mistake I did, I totally forgot the time and the chocolate became to hard to work with. So, in the end I needed to heat little water again and melt the chocolate for the second time.

Thank you


A friend of mine came back to college and had some sweets for me. I have no idea what sort of sweets it is but Herat is famous for this sweets. I could not not eat the sweets and sorry Indians but this sweets from Afghanistan is much better then many of Indians sweets. Sticky, crispy and really nice. 

Sometimes it is okay to not follow the diet…
What would life be without good food/sweets?

Got a parcel with Chrsitmas feelings

Last days I have been waiting to get a parcel from Sweden.
This is a big percale from my lovely parents in Sweden. For sure I was not ready to get this big Christmas percale from them.  Image

So, instead of doing my assignment in emotional intelligence & leadership, I started with my new project. Open the big blue box.
what I found first was a broken gingerbread biscuit box broken and felt the smell of the yummy Christmas cookies.
Well, the parcel had allot of Christmas sweets and it gave me some Christmas feeling. Right now or nowadays we have 27 degree hot during the day (what we have in Sweden during a warm summer day).
This some of what were inside the parcel.
Christmas chocolate calender, hard bread, Christmas sweets, chocolate and a Swedish book.
Well, now I am facing a problem with all the yummy sweets and my diet.
What to do, this made my day and 1,5 hours in the gym.

The chocolate I got, too much for me. Marabou know how to make good chocolate. While Indian chocolates are just sweet.

College, happy birthday and sweets


Today, I went to college and now the classes start to take place. Still for one class they have not decided how will teach us. So the whole week I want not have my last class and maybe not next week too.
When I left college I was not in my happy mood, but in the gym all frustration goes away. I have finally got a personal trainer and the sections starts tomorrow, but before the section I have to do a body check up. Which means I am not allowed to eat anything 4 hours before and try to avoid water.
At 5 I will also meet gold gyms dietitians, to provide me a diet plan for every months. On the other hand it will be hard to follow the plan because of the mess food, but I can always try.

During the work out I got to know it was the managers birthday, so all the stuff and me sang happy birthday and ate the cake.
When I left one of the worker gave me a box with homemade sweets, which her mom had made. Very sweet of her.
For sure I going to miss Gold Gym when I am back in Sweden, because the workers are very friendly, but also the equipments are on high level.

Tomorrow I will bring some swedish chocolate to the gym. Hopefully they will like the chocolate.