Money making and upcoming collapse

During the last days I have been reading this book about bond market. May be the topic does not intreset so many, but, it is an important topic and many people have an opinion about government and the reserv bank rolls are. This books has a negative and ironic tune to anything about controlling the market. Also, in my opinion the market shoud not be controll by politics and reserv bank, ie riksbanken in Sweden. Becasue the market has to clean up non-profit companies, recover from good years and for god sake governments have to understand keyne theory has hugh problems. For example, how much money does the government need to put in to the market to create job? When shall the “project” stop? Just look on Japan and see how well the keynes´theory has helped them… More right, the programs have not helped them at all, and instead created bigger problems.
Well, this book is all about US and about the the upcoming problems with the nonstop money making programs and the major debt the government has. Becasue, at any point US has to face the debt and pay back to ie China and Japan.

The book is easy to read, with good examples so it is easier to everyone to understand the digging and filling programs are not working in the long run, because in the end that sort of programs do not increase the GDP. I would say, this is a book to read while having a break from the philosophers I am currently reading too.

From Etienne de La Boétie to Robert Nozick

Books about India is currently on the shelfs and instead the time is all about liberty and classical philosophes and texts. Some texts are well known from well know thinkers or fighters for the freedom of speech, property equal rights and so on. While some other text are written by famous people but the texts are less known.
So the books contain over 20 writers from 1500 to the end of 1900m there are a mixture of John Locke, David Hume, Ayn Rand and John Stuart Mill, Frierdrich Hayek and many, many more. The texts are about freedom but with a big mixture of the topics and the texts are from two pages and up 10-15 pages.
May be the best part is, the book is in Swedish especially with a topic of freedom, the book has to be in Swedish if I should understand better. Therefore, the time to read the book is limited because the surrounding area has to be with less noise. So, most likely this book has the time to finish, but so worth it.


The white tigher

Sometimes a reader need an easy going book. A book which make the reader laugh and not to worry about misunderstand the book. More or less, a book which is possible to read at the metro or before falling asleep. Therefore, after weeks with heavier books I am glad my chose to read the white tiger instead of novels about liberty in Swedish.


“White tiger a novel” is easy written about India´s big problems such as corruptions, populations and much more. But, instead of mention the problems with only of darkness the author has corporate India’s challenges with humor. The reader read a person’s letters to Chinas prime ministers and about the writer´s life and his experiences. From the writer´s childhood how he needed to stop going to school and instead start working. How he manage to become a driver while his surname indicate he belongs to sweet maker caste, or how he needed to take the blame for killing a homeless person while it was the ma’am who killed the child. While the reader read about the problems every now and then a laugh is slipped out.
In my case, I really like this book, because this is my second time I am reading the book. But, the first time was in high school so maybe it does not count…

Keep on and build it alone

Well, yesterday my dad came over after my work shift finished and I had a quick bite. We started to build the ikea wardrobe. As many people have faced, we got a bit confused where to start what is up and down. However, today when I waked up I started to put the shelfs in the wardrobe, by myself and hang my tops in the wardrobe. On top of that, it was not easy to build some part by myself. This is good practices of read and focus on do everything over again.

More or less what is missing are the doors. But, that my dad has to come over and help. I can not do it by myself.

Jump higher

When I met my friend we tried to take jump picture because it is not the easiet thing to do. Or more right to say, it is easier to take a jump picture with  cut hand, leg and so on. However, to get a jump picture perfect, with the right colors, frozen and so on, is much harder.

However, my friend has this reallly great and good camera. The camera take clear picture with strong colors. Why can I not have his camera?

Well, the expressen on the face is really funny. The person has 100 % focus on the ground. I remember I thought, I shall not spread every body part and make a harder for my friend to take the photo. I remember when I landed, my back strated to pain, which is not a good sign. Am I getting old to jump or am I doing everything worng?

Today, won’t be so excited day, work from 8-5 and then build the wardrobe from IKEA. This will be fine! Build a wardobe from IKEA, everytime it is a communication, patience practice. So, I hope you will enjoy this lovely sunny sunday more then me.

A part of my Stockholm


So, I went around Stockholm yesterday and asked my self, what is Stockholm. Is it the people, sun. tress and much more. Than I felt, I can not take sneaky pictures on people. On the buildings we have the pretty decorations on many buildings, therefore I thought why can not I take photos on the decorations?
Today, in the class I we are going to do some photoshop.


Back to Islam

For three days ago the Hinduism book got over and I needed a new book. However, I faced the same problem as always, which book to read now. English or Swedish.

However, I had this thin book in the back of my shelf covered with many other books such as baking, religions and chick books. But I thought this books might be easy to read in Swedish and is written about the Qur’an. The lay out is simple, Swedish text with some parts with text from the Qur’an and trying to discuss about moral and what is a good behavior.
I would say the book compare a lot between a “normal” person with a kid, animal and handicap what are the differences. Well, I would say I take the whole book with a pinch of salt.