A big day


Today is a important day. From 9 am is finally finance exam.
At 4-10 pm I got to work and again no time to meet friends. But on Sunday after work my friend is meeting up my friend.
However, I thought it is crazy I will be done with my BBA in 2016 January.
January, till then I have to keep on working hard.
Then, let see what sort of trip I m going to do. Travel to Canada, India or travel somewhere in Europe?

Exam in some hours…nervous!

a walk next to Mälaren


Just 15 minutes with the metro and it is possible to take the walk next to the water for very long way to Stockholm city.


However, to walk next to the water and see the green trees in the summer. Are very refreshing. Nowadays, in the fall. The nature is beautiful, but the fall is depressing.
A reason to move away from Sweden.

Today, I have to visit my university to buy next course literature and attend a meeting.