If I could, I would do everything again

The Hiamalya trip was our last trip as a group.
We had been together for a year, none knew each other before trip to India, we came with open minds and hearts. After four years we are still in contacts. We were an incredible (group) family from USA, Germany, Brazil, France and many more places.
The trip To Himalaya was probably one of the best trips which I have ever done. One week of hiking up in Manali.

To get to Manali from Delhi meant we needed to take a long night journey in a Volvo bus. The roads to Manali were breathtaking and we came back home alive. Also, I can still remember horrible bathrooms…

In Himalaya we were little sentimental because it was our last final trip together, the first girls left India after few days after this trip.

Himalaya has something incredible, may be a spell. There is something which I can explain, but has to experience to understand. Himalaya is Himalaya, a unique place.
Also, when we were up in Himalaya, my grandmother in Sweden got happy birthdays form me. To be able to call a dear person from India and also in Himalaya is not bad.

I am glad I got the opportunity to spend one year in India. One year is nothing at least not now anymore, however for a 17 years old girl it was huge, but one year can change your life. India changed mine. I love India, India is my home.
My aai and baba, brothers and sisters are in India, they were my families in India in 2010 and still are. They are my other families. I am lucky to have more then one mother and fathers and many siblings also too many cousins. To have loving families and friends are all that really matters.
I want to travel back to India and spend a year or two…

This is a huge thanks for Rotaty youth exchange program. Thanks to them I got the opportunity to travel to India. I wish more teenagers applied to Rotary youth exchange program, scholarship. Rotary makes it possible.

Visa check

I have right now collect the visa to India. The feeling to have the airplane tickets and the visa, is an amazing feeling. With the tickets and visa makes my mind realizing the trip is actually going to happen. I am going to India!

The things I have to do are small things left, but are time consuming.

  • Pass the upcoming exams
  • Bake some Christmas cookies
  • Pack
  • Exchange SEK to Rupees
  • Get gifts

Well, there are still time to do all the things and others.


This journey took me 6 months

6 months ago a plan arrivedĀ  at Arlanda airport from Doha. On that plain sat an unhappy tired and lost girl. Without any clue of what was going to happen during the summer. At that time there were so many thoughts and feelings.
Where is home, is it India or Sweden? When will I meet my friends?

Well summer came and all was about work and work and work. In September life changed again, from work, work to study and work.

Now, I can say and being proved my Indian journey is over. I am here in Sweden, mentally and physical. Actually the adoption of the Swedish culture took me 6 months. Six whole months. A very long period of time. But it is now I can feel more peaceful then before. Also, the things I am do are only self-achievement.
My weeks are about studies in business and Arabic and also work and dance. I am do things which I have dreamed of since I was in school years. How cool is that not?
Slowly my list of things to do becomes shorter. I do things which I want and feel for.

My life in Sweden is good. I am finally a part of the society. I am in the society and culture. Extra important, I have goals and right now my life is about to build a foundation.

My journey with India during 2013-14 is over, but in the future there will be more journeys.
But first i have to enjoy my time in Sweden. Stay busy and work!

(photo from London for 4 years ago)
Keep on walking and do not turn and around, there is no point of turning around or wondering if you choose right way. The way you choose is always the right way, no matter of what.

Where was this photo taken?


Empty farm building.
Well, in my eyes this photo could have been taken in the north of India. For sure this photo is not been taken in Sweden, due to the mounties and the building. The mounties are to sharp tops and the building is not a typical “Swedish”.
Well, lucky me, I know where the photo was taken. In Canada.
My family in Canada took me on a trip around in the rocky mounties for a day. I can say the environment is amazing. Very green, peacefulness and wild.
Normally, the typical stop is Banff and the hot springs. (Lovely, lovely place!). A dream I have is to ski in Banff.
But, we took the car went to near by places to Calgary and Banff.

The next question, when can I visit Canada again. Hopefully in 2-3 years.

The rat temple in the north

The rat temple in the north

I have been in India and it was incredible time. India has some many “have to visit”.
During that time I traveled for 2,5 months.
I am planing to show some of my earlier experiences in India in this blog. The reason is, this time in India I will mostly just write about my college, but I also want to write a little bit what India has and my earlier experiences. The incredible India.

One of the interested temples I ever visit was a rat temple in the north of India. Where the temple is located is a big question mark for me. Seriously the rat temple is a most.

The temple had rates everywhere and they where playing around with each other.
Best thing was the rates never came near us, we had a distance. But before enter a temple people needed to remove our shoes, and when we were walking on the a sticky temple floor.
In the temple the rats got milk, food and people were prying to the rates.
On this photo there are some rat eating sweets and people praying.

Our guide told us the rats in the temple do not leave the temple. Never ever leave the temple, can you believe that?