Dinner with chicken

Today, after a long day at college. Double lessons are not fun at all. Also, an important note, we got the needed information about the next semester. There for I arrived at my parents house later then my earlier plan.
It was just to start fixing my laundry and the dinner.
My very sweet dad had the night before put some chicken breast in the refrigerator from the freezer. There for my job was easy, decied how to cook the chicken in a pan or in the oven. The decision was easy, because I do not have a oven there for I like to use my parents oven when ever the option exist.


So, the dinner was made of chicken breast, garlic, onion and cream fresh with paprika or tomato flavor and fresh pasta. Fresh pasta is fast food (3 min in boiling water and the done).
On top that, my dinner date was the TV and many different programs all about crown searching to baking and big bang theory. Anything, just to avoid the commercial.

The devil in the late evenings

Finally arrived home after an intense practice for the upcoming dance show. Also of course my belly is empty, or at least feeling empty. What does not help is to know in the kitchen on the top shelf is my secret sweet box. Secret is not for me… but at lest hard to reach. In the sweet box are all my sweets (very few) and more of chocolates.
There for, when it is 11 pm it is easy to take a chocolate corner or something else if they are laying on the kitchen table, but not when they are too high up to reach.

Instead of having this devil sweets Jelly Belly from New York and watching Modern Family. The option was a cup of tea with milk and Modern family.

Have any one tried this Jelly Belly with chocolate? I have never seen this sort of jelly beans before and the box is still untouched.

How good is this not?

I do not think I know any better way of watching a movie or TV-show then on Plex.
Plex is probably on of the best thing my brother has invested.
First of all, I was very skeptical, due to it was new technique for me. On top of that I am slow person to adopt to new technique. However, now I am happy to have Plex.
There for with plex we have saved many movies, TV-shows, some music and so on. Of course all are bought legally. However the problem we are facing nowadays are we need more memory to save our later bought of movies

About the server, A really great thing is we all can watch the same program or different one wherever we are. On top of that, I can use Plex on my computer, surface also on my phone. On the other side, Plex need internet or more right, eat my internet on my phone.
Yes, Plex is amazing if the internet is good. Also, I should not be that skeptical towards new things.


plans for today

Lovely Saturday morning

Right now I am watching Big Bang Theory and having a big cup of coffee.
Yesterday at my work we had crazy much of people the whole day. From only 6 hours of work I got 7,5 hours. So, and today is a Saturday.
Then, today’s plan is working out at friskis och svettis, meeting a friend (we have not met since India) and baking and at last get help in finance.
Just sitting down and watch a TV-show is not bad, and it is early morning does not harm either.


Eurovision song contest

Well I guess eurovision song contest is something very big in Sweden, I have no idea about the other countries. However, the best part is to listen to the music and just comment all the performances. Also, the song qualities are not at all good. But it is fun to watch. 
Hope you enjoy the program too!


Yesterday was India vs. Pakistan. Surprise, in the mess the TV was on and showed the game and no Bollywood music videos.
Today is an other game, India vs. West India. I have no idea about cricket, but for sure it is better then Bollywood music videos.
Also some of the stuff from the kitchen were watching the game and was not working. Cricket is the sport of India. No doubt.