Lunch at home


Today is an other day for pure veg food. Somehow what I really like with veg food is it feels fresh and not too heavy for the stomach. But on the other side, meat taste so much better sometimes. I have used my own cooked kidney beans.
The thing with home made cooked beans are much cheaper than the beans from the food stores. Also, I now that the beans have only been in water and nothing else.

I love this thing to have a lot of already prepared food so I can only heat it up and add some fresh vegatables too. Well, now I have to get ready and meet up my mom.

Veg Lunch

Today I tried green lentils instead of oranges. The green does not get destroyed that easily.
This patch turn out tasty after adding chili flakes.


The green lentils cooked with ginger, cummin seeds, tumeric powder also some cloves and tomatoes. Also, some water.
When ever the heat is missing the flakes is the best solution to get some heat. I am really pleased.

Daal which is to thick

Good morning!
For some days ago a friend and I went to a Indian store near to Drottninggatan to buy things for our indian cooking. I bought a lot all of things beside one spice which I have almost nothing left. One of the major reasons why I went to the store to buy that spice and I totaly forgot it.
Anyway, so today I mad daal after weeks with non-veg!
While cooking the daal I managed to forget the time and the daal become too thick. However, too thick dall is not that big of a problem. I prefer too thick daal than a too thin and watery. Becasue I can always add some water when the daal is heating up.
For this daal I used all ready mad masala becuase the energy for mixing and adding all the requried spices take time and energy which I did not have.


The daal is mixed with coscos, becasue I want to finish coscos very soon. I am hoping i can sson do chapati because I miss it so much.


My type of dal

I do not have the energy to cook good food everyday. Who has the energy? Therefore I really like to be able to prepare 3-4 food boxes with food which mean I am saving a lot of time during the week. Also, the best part, I do not need to eat unhealthy food or half brand. But, it take time to prepare and cook better food. But, may be I should spend more time to cook good food then buy half already made.

Therefore, I am pleased to say I made dal, it is so simple to make wth a pressure cooker. I think that is one of the best things I got with me from India. Beside the need to fry the spices and onions the lential can easily be added with water and boile after three puffs it is done. Simple.

So, my lential mix for today was with green lential (they do not break that easily compare with the red one). two onions, 2 garlics, 1 red chilli, mustard seeds, coriander, ginger poweder (I do not have fresh one at home).


Somehow I miss the mess daal, it was the best thing they could make. 2-3 bowls of dal and chapati and talking to friends. Yes, what a great time we had.

Simple dinner

Today at work I search around to find some nice recipes. The recipes was all from egg curry, veg and much more.
So, when I finally came home I used the mixer and added eggs, chilli, carrots and much more. Instead of making small omeletts. So, my dinner was more of mincemeat souce wihtout meat. Did I like my dinner?

Yes, it was okay, but needed more spicies. So, next time I can add other vegetables and more heat.

My plate

What a spring/summer dish I had. The plat was with different vegetables and topped with white truffle. So tasty. The only thing was, everything swam in butter. So, if the plate had just a little bit less butter the dish would be amazing, great.
But, what to do. I still loved it. Sometimes, I can get a graving for “fatty” products, such as cheese and liver. However, it has not happen for sometime now, therefore I am wondering how come.


Kidney beans

Well, I have to confess sometimes I am the worlds horrible person in the kitchen. Now and then I forget I am cooking food and then I feel a smell of burn food. Also, when I feel the smell I do not realize the smell comes from my kitchen. Instead, I think the smell is from someone else flat. That is just who I am.
So, this happened for some days ago while cooking the kidney beans in the presser cooker. I added some vegetables and spices. Beside the burn food the food did tasted good. But a horrible work to clean the put.